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Posted By: book hungama at: 3, Jul 2018 4:04:37 PM IST
Ingredients of a Good Fiction story Book
The story, the mystery, the characters, the plot and also the feel of any fiction book has the power to take us into a whole another world. A good book keeps us hooked and paints every character in the book in a peculiar, understandable or even relatable fashion. The habit of reading helps to enhance many qualities on many levels such as the comprehension power, the vocabulary and it even helps us in improving the language. Differentiating a good book from a not so good one becomes easier once we know many components about any particular well written novel or a book.
Following are some of the key ingredients that make a fiction book or a novel, good and favourite amongst the readers.
1. An Interesting Plot
Isnít where it all begins? No doubt this is the basic reason why any novel becomes a best-seller, its storyline or plot. The virtue of the plot to engage the audience is directly proportional to the success that the novel/book gains in the market.

2. Characters
The story or the plot is made by the people in it. The writer or the novelist should take care that the characters in the story are understandable and at times even relatable. If the characters seem too imaginary or uninteresting then engaging the reader in the story becomes a tough task.

3. Good Literary structure
The novel could be written in any language if the sentence structure used is crisp and apt then the novel could go a long way. The way in which the dialogues are written or the way in which the sentences are structured have the power to keep a reader hooked but if written badly they also make the reader lose interest in the novel.

4. Sense of time
Whether arranged chronologically or not the storyline should be arranged in such a way that it makes the reader understand the plot easily. If the snippets or the incidents are not arranged properly in an easy-to-understand way then a reader may find it difficult to understand the whole story and if the novel is a series then joining the links may become difficult.

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