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Inviting thoughts .....


This is a blog to all those who want to but couldn't find a way to help the society in what every way possible
Even I don't have any clear idea at the moment, but am seriously planning to give it a thought.
In the process, would like to invite ideas and thoughts from all my near and dear ones here..
I will be posting all the updates from my end, but any pointers/ideas are welcome..

I knew the first question for most of you would be, "WHY THIS" ?
There are a lot of charity services available all over who are serving the society in their own capacity and strength.
But, doing something closely and all on our own would give a lot of moral satisfaction.
This is what I believe..

- Wishes,

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jagadeesh Kandregula
Hi Sri and sudha.

Thank you very much for your clean observation and nice support.
Still trying to contact Nanaji. He got good rank in CEEP.
Due to his family constraints he is not able to continue his studies
in regular course. He will continue in distance mode.
We will try to do some thing more useful to him.
I will update in few days with clear details.

I want to share about this article.
Any one can speak anything. Any one can write any thing.

I believe the person who thinks theoretically and practically
may be do some thing to the society.

From childhood I planned theoretically how to do some thing to the society.
At that time I don’t know how to do it practically.

When comes to reality it takes much time to implement practically.
But I am very happy because I got good support from 10 % of my
Friends .
This type of support from Sri and Sudha enough to reach my goal to implement practically.

One day my dream will comes into action 100 percent practically with you
great support.

Thanks for all
Jagadeesh Kandregula.
President of AAWA.

Posted at: 4, Jul 2010 12:29 PM

Sri Sri

What happened to Nanaji ? I don't see any updates about him in your website..
Please let me know..


Posted at: 2, Jul 2010 0:40 AM

Sri Sri
Thanks Teja and Sudha, for the encourage and support..
I started this blog with the same intention. My idea was to unite all our friends here and form a group that can do wonders.. ITs not the financial help always... it could be guidance, training, etc...

At the moment, I only look towards Jagadeesh to bring in such kind of opportunities. He is also the President of a welfare organization doing these kind of activities.. You can find more details at

May happiness prevail everywhere..

Posted at: 2, Jul 2010 0:38 AM

Vishwa Teja A

Posted at: 30, Jun 2010 3:48 PM

sudha Sudha
Hey All,

I always had a thought of helping others but hesitant to provide as the may not reach the right person who deserves it. In the present competitive world a person coming forward & taking responsibility of othrs is much appriciated. I am happy to help such a person who is helping revathi towards her education in this regard.

i would help towards her need for food/accomadation by means of providing cash monthly, constantly. I would gather some more amount from other.

i dont know vot to say much about it as im finding shortage of words.

Posted at: 26, Jun 2010 6:15 AM

Sri Sri
Thanks, Jagadeesh... finally some good news..
My best wishes for Revathi's career... We should be seeing more of these kind of news..

Posted at: 16, Jun 2010 11:40 PM

jagadeesh Kandregula

Hi All

This is the example for "Hard work Never fails".
Miss. K.Revathi got 267 in ICET-2010.

She will get seat in Andhra University or JNTU campus.
HT.No : 33150136 .

We are very much thankful to Mr. Sri giving the
financial support to her to give coaching for ICET.

President of AAWA.
+91 - 9849210417

Posted at: 14, Jun 2010 2:31 AM

Sri Sri

Not a good reason for a suicide at all..
Manaki teliyanivi inkennooo....

Posted at: 12, May 2010 9:32 PM

jagadeesh Kandregula
Hi Vani garu and Sri

Its very nice reply from Vani garu. its good idea.
if we do like as a team we will create wonders
Revathi preparing good. Her Exam ICET-2010
on May 27th 2010.

She is preparing for AURPGCET for M.Sc
So i have confident on she will join into MCA or MSc
in Andhra University.

Posted at: 6, May 2010 11:31 AM

Sri Sri
Thanks for the encouragement Vani garu….. Recently we are excited about helping a poor girl student with her tution and hostel accomodation fees while she is preparing for MCACET and othe competetive exams in vizag, far away from her home… We are excited about it..

Jagadeesh, when is the entrance ? I know its in May....?

Posted at: 5, May 2010 4:25 PM
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