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Articles: Poetry
క్షమించు వైష్ణవీ...
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chala bagundi.....

Posted by: Mr. venkateswarrao anusuri At: 23, Feb 2010 0:36:28 AM IST
hello narender garu, chala touching ga raasaru.. nijame nagarikatha penchukodam lo unna sarada manavthvam panchukodam lo undatledu..

Posted by: Ms. KAVYA SAHITHI RENTACHINTALA VENKATA At: 10, Feb 2010 6:56:57 AM IST
very good dear Friend.. chaala baagundi..

Posted by: Mr. JAGADEESH JETTI At: 6, Feb 2010 12:07:50 PM IST
baadha to manasu pade vedananu.. aa devudu tappaka karunistadu... VISHNAVI.. kosam

Posted by: Mr. JAGADEESH JETTI At: 6, Feb 2010 12:07:04 PM IST
baaguMdi mee kavita.

Posted by: Mr. radhakrishnamurty komduri At: 6, Feb 2010 7:07:36 AM IST
touching. Thanks for nice poetry

Posted by: jhon Reddygaru At: 6, Feb 2010 6:49:19 AM IST
chala chala bagundi..

Posted by: Dr. Raghotham Reddy Pinninti At: 6, Feb 2010 1:28:08 AM IST
EMTO rOjulu. samAjaMlO maMchi anEdi mAyaM ayipOtuMdi. eMtani saMpAdistAru janaM... anyAyaMgA... Emi chEsukumTAru?

Posted by: Bullibasu Bullibasu At: 4, Feb 2010 10:34:07 PM IST
baaguMdi kulakarNigaarU, mee kavita. maanavulamani cheppukOvaTaanikE siggupaDE rOjulu muMchuku vastunnaayi.chaalaa vishaadaardraMgaa vraaSaaru.

Posted by: Mr. kirankumar maganti At: 4, Feb 2010 9:51:27 PM IST
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