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The plight of Begumpet
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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It is unfortunate that Begumpet Airport was closed so abruptly that it showcases the care our political leadership and the government at both center and state have for the public money with which Begumpet Airport was built to the current level. When the government know very well about the closure of Begumpet Airport, why it did not start a process of utilising the infrastructure and facilities for various other purposes? Is it the way to leave the public property to dust? Does any one in the Govt and does any politican allow his property to dust and ketp unused? Why this negligence for the public property? It is unfortunate that those who rule the state consider the public property as their own party's. This attitude shall change. The parking space, the airstrip, the passenger launge, halls and other places shall be put to a brainstorming process for optimum utilisation. Does our governments think that the people of AP and India do not have brains just like them? The only sustainable solution that comes to my mind is to convert the airport into a tourist spot by creating a big artificial fresh water lake (ensurisng 100% that no drainages are diverted into it) and nurturing plants, lawns, gardens lavishly in an around the place. So that Begumpet becomes the Lungs of Hyderabad Central area providing huge doses of oxygen for the people and improve the ground water availability. We can also think of constructing a flyover via Airport area connecting Boinpally with Begumpet (at the entrance of the Airport) there by reducing the distance. This flyover can be the best flyover that peole love to use it. If we convert the place into a concrete jungle by giving it to the realty busienssmen, it is detrimental to the city and the people of this city. can we expect some action on this?

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