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Sri Rama Navami
- Dr. anjaneyulu goli
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SrI rAmachandruDu AMdhrula aarAdhya daivaM. There is no village without Rama's temple in Telugu land and there is no Telugu family without a name relatig to Ramayanam. Telugu literature, culture and all art forms reached their penacle due to Ramakatha. Sriramanavami is celebrated with devotion, dedication and reverence by all those who have faith in Sanatanadharma. All households, temples and streets are decorated to celebrate Sri Sitarama Kalyanam on 14th of this month - Chaitramasam of Sarvadhari new year. Ramanamam is more powerful than Rama himself and chanting of Ramanaama purifies ourselves. Here is a quiz connected with Ramayanam. All of us can participate, enjoy and celebrate Sriramnavami in this noval way. A SPECIAL WAY TO CELEBRATE SRIRAMANAVAMI (All can participate - Answer yourself - Thank you for not copying - Find answers at the end - Enjoy your Ramayanam knowledge - CELEBRATE SRIRAMANAVAMI AND BE BLESSED *********$$$$$$$$$$*********** 1.What are three names given by sage Valmiki to Rama's story 2.Ramayanam will exist till rivers and hills exist - who said? 3.Three persons created hurdles to Hanuman on his journey to Lanka - Who? 4.'Kousalya supraja rama' who said this suprabhatam? 5.Name the river on the banks of which Ayodhya was built 6.Mountain, where Raama and Lakshmana met Sugrive 7.Who is the embassdor sent by Rama to Ravana after reaching Lanka? 8.Name the astra used by Rama on Maricha 9.Name the seven parts of kandas in Ramayana 10.Who is the king of Lanka before Ravana 11.Name bird brothers that helped Rama in search of Sita 12.Lakshmana cut nose and ears of two women. who are they? 13. Name the special hunting skill known to Dasaradha? 14.Who are husband son of Ahalya? 15.'Rama is Paramatma. You are killed by your indriyas only'. Who lamented like this? 16.Name the important mantras given by sage Viswamitra to Ram and Lakshman. 17.Who is rakshasa woman that helped Sita in Asokavana? 18.What medicine was used to save Lakshmana in war 19.Who are co-daughters in law of Sita? 20.Give names of wives of Vali and Sugriva 21.Name the chariot driver of Rama in war on Ravana 22.Who are the pourohits or priests of Dasaradha? 23.Who objected for the killing of Hanuman in the court of Ravana 24.Name the town in Andhra Pradesh where Sitarama Kalyanam is celebrated prominently with devotion ANSWERS. 1)Ramayanam - Sitacharitra - Ravanavadha 2)Brahma 3)Mynakudu - Surasa - 4)Viswamitra 5)Sarayu 6)Rushyamuka 7)Angada 8)Manavastram 9)Bala - Ayodhya - Kishkindha - Aranya - Sundara- Yuddha -Uttara 10)Kuberudu 11)Jatayuvu - Sampati 12)Tataki - Surpanaka 13)Sabdabhedi 14)Gouthama - Satananda 15)Mandodari 16)Bala -Atibala 17) Trijata 18)Sanjivini 19)Urmila - Mandavi -Sruthakirti 20) Tara - Ruma 21)Mathali 22) Vasista- Vamadeva 23)Vibhishanudu 24)Bhadrachalam. CELEBRATE SRIRAMANAVAMI - BE BLESSED WITH PEACE TELUGUVARANDARIKI SRIRAMANAVAMI SUBHAKANKSHALU

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