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Corporate Humans
- Mr. Kevin Naidoo
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Hello Nishita. Are you the dentist from Ohio.. If you are then, I want to share a little story with you.. 'Once there was single mom in South Africa that had son of six months and a little dog called Kevin. The mom was always concerned about the safety of her little kid as she felt that Kevin could get jealous at times and attack the little baby. Hence she always watched carefully over the dog. Kevin never showed any signs of jealousy towards the baby, but being he Dog he was, he always showed affection and major signs of protection over the little baby. So as time passed, the mom had gained confidence over the little dog. One day there was an emergency and the mom had to rush of to a friend in desprate trouble. As her little kid was fast asleep, she decided not to disturb him, so she left him in the care of her Dog as she was only gonna be gone for an hour. Upon her return home, she stood in utter shock as baby, was not on the bed. She then looked down on the floor and found Kevin sitting on the floor, licking his paws and legs that oozed with blood. In such anger and shock, she had gotten hold of her baseball bat and bashed Kevin to death. She had smashed the little dogs head and the dog sreamed in torture till his last breathe, when he tasted death.

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