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- Dr. anjaneyulu goli
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Everyone is interested to be happy and peaceful in life. Nobody would like to be unhappy and with sorrow. When we look into life all are having pleasures and pains, happyness and sorrow -- Sukham and Duhkham. Both of them are emotional reflections and are not desirable for a peaceful living. Peace is one where there is no pleasure and pain. One is liberated by reaching a stage above these dualities. You should be in a position to look them equally. Why one should go beyond these two -- pleasure and sorrow, is because both create bondage. To reach that stage, one should know the secrets of sukham and duhkham. Then only we are in a state of equanmity where there is no pleasure and pain resulting in peace and utlimately reaching liberated state of mind. Sukhaalu and Duhkhaalu -- pleasures and pains are having the nature of coming and going. Our upanishads explian that they come and go. They are not permanent - anityaha - hence one should reach a stage above these dualities. Sukhasyanantaram duhkham duhkhasyanantaram sugham - this is a cycle - pain after pleasure and pleasure after pain rotates. Like this both are inevitable. Understanding this secret of happyness and sorrow, we should try to reach a stage of equality of them. That is peace and bliss. All this is easily possible with simple dispassionate attitude and with practice - said Lord Krishna who is a greatest motivator and highly placed personality development expert. Let all us be with peace and bliss by understanding the secrets of pleasures and pains. With Adi Sanakara Jayanti Greetings.

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