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High speed trains
- Mr. apparao bonagiri
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It seems the government is planning to introduce high-speed trains between Delhi, Chandigarh and Amritsar. Similarly between Hyderabad and Vijayawada also. The project is really good but I have a point in selecting the route. Instead of shorter routes like this, which are anyhow close, they should have taken a longer route like Delhi Hyderabad on priority. This longer route makes a difference between normal trains and high-speed trains. Delhi Bhopal Nagpur - Hyderabad route in a new alignment without any other stops can connect the north south divide at an affordable fare and time. There is a general feeling among all Indians that north and south are very far and different. If they are connected by a fast and economical mode of transport, these differences can be reduced and people can become closer. Even if the train runs at an average speed of 200 kmph, one can reach Hyderabad from Delhi in about 8 hours. This is comparable to air travel time, which includes lot of waiting time and time to reach the airport. Even today, many people cannot afford air travel. If one can reach Hyderabad overnight from Delhi, one need not loose a working day. And also one can travel at the comfort of a berth compared to cramped seats in the airlines. Many people would like to travel by train with whole family if fares are attractive like garibrath trains. This will also reduce the congestion at the airports. The route may also be used for quick transport of goods between north and south. This kind of fast transport will be very effective, environment friendly and economical also. The route may be extended to Bangalore (another 4 hours) in the south and Chandigarh in the north at a latter stage to complete the north south express railway.

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