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Chiru the New Era Politician
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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An image that is larger than the life and some times far from the reality is the hall mark of any film star like M.Karunanidhi, MGR, NTR, Jaya and now Chiranjeevi. I do not have any thing to suggest to Mr. Chiranjeevi I have only the following questions for him to reflect upon before answering for himself. I do not expect Mr. Chiranjeevi to answer them as they would get answered automatically from the day one of launching his party. How different are you from MGR, NTR and Jaya? What is your Party Agenda and how it is unique from other Parties in words and deeds? What are the thrust areas you have identifed to work on immediately upon assuming the office of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh? Can you explain the roles your family members play in your party? How is your party different from TDP launched by NTR and other parties launched by Individuals which eventually gave rise to the emergence of family owned politics. What is your understanding about the uniqueness of AP interms of its: Finances, natural resources, people and their creativity, industrial development, environment, culture, spirituality and political awareness? Can you announce your successor or atlest the process your party must follow to choose your successor? Can you name the first, second and third level leadership in your party? What are your unique promises to the peole of Andhra Pradesh? Can you desist from using your film names or the charectors you played in the films? What is your road map to evolve yourself from being a Megastar Chiranjeevi to a humble politician by name Konidela Shiva Shankara Vara Prasad?

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