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Future AP Political scenario
- Mr. T.R.Sridhar Prasad. Uppalapati.
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Many political experts opined that the entry of Chiranjeevi into politics does not effect their political fortunes much. According to them Chiranjeevi does not know even the problems of farmers as he did not tour the disricts to get the first hand information about the hardships of farmers. Some experts opined that unlike NTR, Chiranjeevi does not have any experience in politics, for example, the state congress president D.Srinivas said, 'everybody cannot become NTR or MGR'. 4th August'08, even actress Ms.Vijayasanthi expressed the same opinion by saying that the entry of Chiranjeevi does not make any great changes in andhra politics and she further said that the media is unnecessarily highlighting his political moves. Dr.Rajasekhar too said that Chiru does not have political experience and he along with his actress wife Jeevitha joined in Congress party. Dr Rajasekhar said that he would contest against Chiranjeevi, if party high command asks him to do so. But the people who support him are confident of getting majority in the forthcomming elections in 2009. The parties in the fray : 1.The Indian national congress. 2.Bharatheeya janatha party. 3.The left parties such as CPI-L and CPI-M 4.Telugudesam party. 5.Telangana Rashtra Samithi. 6.Loksatta party. 7.Regional parties formed due to splitting of TDP such as one formed by Devender goud. 8.Any other alliances to be formed to counter the communal parties. 9.Chiranjeevi's party, and 10.Independents. Expected outcome (region wise) in 2009 elections : Geographically the state of Andhra Pradesh is divided into three regions as 1. Coastal Andhra Pradesh, 2.Rayalaseema and 3.Telangana. The previous poll results show that the most of the seats were won by TDP and its allies ever since it was formed in 80's with some seats being won by INC. But now the TDP is facing the problem of splitting as many senior leaders are leaving the party by blaming the leadership of Chandrababu naidu and also on the issue of Telangana.

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