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Articles: Politics
An open letter to Chiru
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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Dear Chiranjeevi, Glad to know of your decision to enter the active politics of Andhra Pradesh. Welcome! As India Celebrates the 61st Independence day it is time to make a quick and most commonsensical assessment about our achievement in the last 61 years as a Nation and as a state of Andhra Pradesh. This assessment gives you several clues to set the agenda for your party. Is it apt to celebrate 61 years of inefficient governance? Last couple of days rain is a testimony to this inefficiency. When you look at the rainfall it is just normal but the way it has disrupted life due to our consistant inefficiency is alarming. The street roads are bad. The open spaces in the streets are dumping yards of domestic waste or public urinals where stray animals stay. The drainage system is highly improper and there is no underground drainage in many places of Andhra Pradesh except a few places like Hyderabad. Just for a few CM's Rain our roads, towns, cities and village get inundated. We have no infrastructure to harvest the rain water. We do not make assessment of vulnerable residential houses and make them good or reconstruct them so that we could have avoided several mishaps like falling of wall, roof, house itself, etc. We still have deaths due to electrocution during rainy season. Our powerlines are weaved like uncleaned cobwebs in the skylines of our streets and many thoroughfares. Just with two days rain the prices of vegitables go up beyond anyone's purchasing power. We do not have comprehensive insurance for our farming activity. Govt still encourages very directly individual farming rather than facilitating Co Operative farming with the help of a sound internet based networking on coverage of lands with various crops, demand and supply; cold storage chains, processing units, market yards owned and manged by farmers with the help of professionals. The government still believes very firmly - rather decided very firmly - to perpetuate the poverty (The classic case is Indira Gandhi's 'Gareebi Hatao' call very long ago and today we still have poor people - probably to vote for Congress!). There is no scientific housing plan for the homeless people. The way the homes are built indicate how much they value them. Why should the govt house bear the glazed ceramic photograph of Indiramma when neither Congress nor Indira's family fund the housing project? In a country of 100+ crores of people how long would a few politicians like Laloos, Pranabs, Devegowdas, Chandrababus, YSRs, Advanis rule the political system endlessly? Can't we have limited tenures as MLAs/MPS so that many in this country get the chance to give their best contributions to the Nation Bulding process?

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