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Articles: Philosophy
The God of all things!
- Mr. Kareemullah Mohammed
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RAJASA ROBBINS THE GOD OF ALL THINGS A NOVEL 3 Amy couldnít keep still. 'When is the boat going to come?' she kept asking. Her governess, Mrs. Patil, a plump 38 year old Hindu woman told her to be patient. She was accompanying the little 10 year old to Camano Island. She was not personally interested in the retreat, but she didnít mind going. After all she was being paid good wages for the job of looking after Amy. Marie Marchessaux felt as excited as Amy. She was a famous Canadian actress who had come to Settle for a vacation. She had been to many places and seen many interesting things. She had tasted the finest things in life and had enjoyed every luxury and comfort. However, she was quite bored with her lifestyle. There was no real fun. No real excitement. Each day of her life was party, play and amusement. She had grown quite sick of it all. What was the meaning of life? It seemed so meaningless. 'What a bit of luck to see Dr. Singhís ad in the newspaper!' she thought delightfully. 'Hereís my chance to find out what life is all about!' The boat was about half an hour late but nobody seemed to mind. Henry got off the boat full of apologies. 'Good morning! Good morning!' he said. 'Are you all ready? Please come on board!' The six passengers eagerly got on the boat carrying their bags and suitcases. Soon they were on their way to Camano Island. It was a pleasant trip over the blue waters of the sea. Richard felt relaxed and happy. 'It feels wonderful to be in the company of people who donít know anything about me,' he thought. Marie was thinking along the same lines. She hated people prying into her life. Being a celebrity, she was always in the limelight and hardly ever left alone. Here nobody knew her. 'Itís so nice to be unknown,' she thought with a smile. 'Alright!' shouted Henry at last. 'Here we are! We have arrived at Camano Island!' The boat halted at the pier and the passengers got off one by one. A mini bus was waiting for them and Henry directed them to board it at once. The bus took them to The Round House, a huge circular building all white in color. The doors to the entrance were made of glass and so were the many windows around the building. It looked like a grand science center.

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