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Articles: TP and Me
Good Experiences
- Ms. Prasanthi Uppalapati
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So interesting a topic to share my feelings. So far, there is no article in this category. So I thought why can't I share my experiences with this site. Since it is one's personal feelings, you all may not have that much interest to read. But you can see what other member like in this site the most. Now read. Introduction:: I can't exactly remember how do I came to know about this site. As far as I remember, it is through the links from the site of a girl with my name. Reason for Registration:: First I registered myself as a user and I didn't clearly observed anything. My only wish at that time is if anyone sees my profile, if they are interested in poetry or articles, they will read and give feedback which can be encouraging to me. By that time I was addicted to read comments for my work. I was very curious to know about others feelings. (In fact, I am always). Initial Experience:: The next day itself I got a call from a person saying that he had seen my number in my profile and he began talking that 'Say something about you, where do you live'. I am a type of girl who is not interested in making NET or Pen friendships or talking or meeting with unknown people in this way, and moreover I was in a very bad mood at that time. So I just answered, 'So What' rather irritatingly and cut the phone. Immediately I removed my Phone Number from my profile. First Mail:: I got a mail from a person who was doing Research in IISC, Bangalore. This is the first mail to me from He became a good friend to me gradually. First Article:: One day I saw the article section and posted my article casually to test whether it can be selected here or not. It was selected. It is the article, 'Where there is a Will , there is a way'. It was only selected, there was no surprise. But I got a personal mail from the Site Administrator. He wished me for the article and said that I am good at writing and suggested that I need some brevity. With that encouragement, I began posting the articles and from then I got comments and mails too. My Participation:: After few weeks, I saw my article, 'Women Dressing , Objections' is in the 'Hot Topic' list. Later I began to participate in the Discussion Forum. Then I began to comment other persons' poems and articles. Again I noticed 'Ask Telugupeople' section. Since I am very much interested in Astrology, I began to send queries in this section. As Days Pass By:: I became very much addicted to the site and at one time it happened like that my name appeared in each and every topic or page almost. One of my NET friends whom I respect the most suggested me not to participate that much and divert my attention to my studies. So I slowly lessened my participation. Some memorable things:: One reader from Dubai said that he liked my article, 'What should India do in the present crisis?' and said that he became interested to know about the country and Kashmir more and he also make a printout of my articles and began discussing on the topics with his friends. One reader threatened me that she would kill me in my Nellore itself if I do not stop participating. (Ofcourse it is for fun. But the way she has written is so serious that I got really vexed after reading 3 mails of such kind. I was about to reply in a harsh tone when she responded in a lighter vein). A very harsh arguments regarding 'Dowry' and at the end of the day, we became very good friends. I got mails from female members too. (My friends used to joke at me when I adjust my collar(self dabba kodithe) that since I am a girl, there is nothing special that I get mails from males). The Nickname I got:: Purusha dweshi, Serious Person. The benefit I got:: It is my habit rather courtesy to give a thanksgiving reply to almost every mail that I get and in that way, I got so many Ids. With this Ids, I tried to inform, about any issue I had taken , to so many people. I was able to collect more funds for 'Sravanthi', a medical student from Eluru, than I could personally offer. I thank the Team behind, for establishing such a good site and maintaining it successfully.

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