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Dear Friends, I want to share this with you . Who? Pratham (a Sanskrit word) means 'first', 'primary' or 'beginning'. Pratham is a community based grass root organization that promotes education of slum dwelling children in India. Initiated by UNICEF in 1994 with 2,000 children in Mumbai, Pratham now serves over 220,000 children in 20 cities and 10 rural areas across India. Highlights of Pratham: NO ASSET BUILDING: No money is spent on immovable assets, construction, or infrastructure. UNIQUE MODEL: The 'Pratham' model is unique, replicable and scaleable. EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE: Every attempt is made to reduce overheads as much as possible. INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED: Named one of the three most innovative development projects in the world by the Global Development Network, a joint effort of the World Bank and the Government of Japan. Programs: Pre-school 1 Teacher 20 Children ages 3 - 5 Classes at an easily accessible community location Total cost: $150/year or $7.50 per child/year Health Initiative Quarterly Health check Daily Iron and Vitamin supplements Counseling to Parents Total cost: $1.00 per child/year Bridge Course 1 Teacher 20 Children ages 6 - 14 Classes at an easily accessible community location or municipal schools Total Cost: $200 for 6 months or $10.00 per child for 6 months Teachers Aid 1 Teacher 40 Children Classes taught in space made available in Government schools Total cost: $10.00 per child for 10 months Computer Aided Learning Involves Students and Teachers Basic computer skills highlighted Exposure to emails as well as games Total Cost: $4.50 per child/year More Click below. Want to contribute in Guntur/Vijayawada. Let me know if any one what to join. So that we can inform PRADHAM Pradham in A.P click here - -Thanks

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