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Articles: TP and Me
What If I Say!
- Anaheim Angel
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I saw this just now while writing this article. TP actually says '(Please use Proper Case. Do not use all lower or upper case letters. Do not use HTML tags.) ' That was a nice gesture from in requesting us to maintain proper case *S* What if I am not good at written English? :-p ~Use your head when your school is med, Or else little it takes for your patient to be dead.~ Anyways, I am here to share my experiences with people. No, SDB you need not contact the Mumbai mafia to keep this article from seeing daylight and Vijay come on, you need not spit your Chiva's reagal out on your coffee table, I am not writing anything bad about you guys *L* ~Courage it takes, for you to achieve success, Marriage? Its giving her your brain access.~ Where should I begin? And where should I pause? I have no clue. Time has just passed by. Back in June/July 2003, I remember the first time, someone referred me to this site, and it took me forever to load the page, took me forever to build a profile. Questions like, What is your D.O.B? What is your marital status? ( Information will not be disclosed anyways! ) How much do you make? HOW MUCH DO YOU MAKE? At this point I was confused, why is this site asking me how much do I make? Is this in some way connected to the IRS scam of identifying the tax evading telugu people? Smart move buddy, but I am not going to reveal such sensitive information (even though my paycheck comes to me tax deducted) *L*. ~It doesn’t take me long to lose, Honey, Wish your name was and always be, money.~ Anyways back to building my profile, I finally was able to create a profile and stepped into the great tp chat. Donot get me wrong folks, I like this chat now, but back then I was used to chatting on yahoo messenger with the countless friends I made in other sites. So, the very idea of a page taking 8 seconds to refresh, and paying attention to what was being shown on the screen ( or else you would have to wait 8 seconds more ) was kind of ludicrous. I laid low for a while until I discovered the discussion boards. When I was in the tp chat, I did not know about the DBs. I kind of accidentally stumbled upon them when I made a google search for Little Johnny jokes. I was flabbergasted that I was ignoring something that was so intriguing ( To me, anything with Little Johnny was intriguing ). From that point on, I was a regular visitor of the boards. It took me a couple of weeks to come out of my shell. I thank VeVa boi for that though. I was following the boards with interest, and I noticed everyone had valid arguments except for VeVa boi who was citing his experiences in Anthropology ( or something similar to that ) and he was being bashed nonchalantly by everyone. I did not understand why someone who was being treated as dirt would keep posting again and again to be treated again and again in the same way. Buzz me if you have any answers. ~Humility in vain, sinners in pain, Astonishing it is, suffering in disdain.~ Well, I think I am off to the wrong footing here *L* Back to track, back to track dude. Like I was saying, once I became a regular, I did not know where time went. It has been almost 20 months since my first posting here. Let me go through it period by period. ~Masterful an orator I am, If only I found my brains, damn.~ Hyper period: This is the stage when the first website you open after you start your computer is I had this stage for some 4 or 5 months. I was posting stuff ( relevant, and irrelevant ) in whatever discussion boards that were on the top. This is the time when you want to know everybody, want to be in their good graces. Charm them with wit, and stump them with logic. Everyone tries their best to achieve this ( don’t lie, admit it folks ) and you end up making friends with almost everybody except the site administrator ( because only he knows the sinister things you are capable of doing, somehow ). ~Laugh as you might, but I ’ll be in your sight, Careless it is, concur whether its wrong or right.~ During this stage, the main topic of discussion ( argument rather ) was, was god irreligious? Or is god omnipotent? This was one of the most heated discussion rooms in the whole of the internet. People were accusing each other of mindless things. People went to the extent of uttering insane profanities that were reserved only for the dirty boy thread. The topic got out of hand, when the agnostic/atheistic people were denouncing the very existence of the holy one. The religious people could not tolerate it. It is here that I realised that people actually had brains in this site *L* I met Raj ( Regatar aka Canopy ) and had lunch at his place a couple of times. Played tennis with him regularly. ~Pitiful a fish, innocently blinking eyes, Mystical a monolith, room full of lies.~ A kinship sort of thing grew from that thread. I, SDB & Durga Prasad were the mischievous lot. We were always upto something silly and dirty *L* Durga Prasad always used to get blamed for that though *L* Mrs Anupama, Mrs Akanksha, Mrs Aruna, Mrs Vijaya, Mrs Samira were the cool housewives that used to enlighten us folks *S* We created a dirty boy thread to give us immunity for all the adult talk that we could do ( And get away with ). Fun banter was the cool thing to do. We posted jokes that were anything from hilarious to utterly nonsensical. People displayed their aptitude at poetry for some time. It was fun to read and be amused with all the silly things that we used to come up with. *sigh* ~I need a time machine, I asked god, He said “ You atheist, I aint from Cape Cod”.~ Saturation period: Ever had the feeling that you had too much of something? And that it might not be good for your health? Err, I am assuming that you have a conscience. If not, please to excuse me including you. I went through the stage when people started cloning ID’s and tried to be a general pain in the rear end. I wonder where these people come from. (You go in search of one, and you find a million.) You also would go through this emotion if you go to the site in search of someone ( special? ) and that person is not present. You kind of have a dejected look and you resign yourself to a philosophical trance, hoping that you would never come out. ~Life is actually lesser than what it seems, It is nothing, but existence in many different realms.~ I used to still hang out here at times, and read the jokes Vijay used to post. See the arguments between SDB, Mrs Anupama and VeVa boi, silently observe the comedy and disappear into Cincinnati’s darkness. ~Dumb I ‘ve become like a mountain rock, Mobility I threw, my legs put in a lock.~ Wisdom period: This is when you forgive all your critics, and assume the role for which you were born originally. *L* This is sort of a second home coming. You delve with everyone, but cater to none. I was back to the jokes, chat-parties, meeting people and learning interesting things. Sounds like a beginning to a happy ending. ~Pay your bills, and you shall be fine, Move out of line, and your soul is mine.~ Anyways, I did not write this article to tell you my TP story. Or did I? *L* I wrote this to thank you all ( Like an Oscar winner speech ) I thank you VeVa for teaching me about stubbornness, I thank you SDB for being intelligent in words, I thank you Mrs Anupama and I am indebted to you for various things, *S* I thank you Durga Prasad, for teaching me many new Telugu words, I thank you Vijay for sharing your daughter’s cute pics, and posting countless cool jokes, I thank you Sukku, for being funny, I thank you Priya Wutever, for being a net-friend, I thank you Venu uncle, for giving me info, I thank you Raj, for being a brother, I thank you Vidya, for putting up with me *S*, I thank you Bujjakkai, for being so Telugu, I thank you Pesoona, for being silly, I thank you Vishnu_Priya, for being a sister, And lastly, I thank you Mr _____, for creating without which this verbose would not exist. *S* ~Gratitude, I very much show, My words, but not me are low.~ Lastly, people here have not taught me anything new. People have not motivated me to excel at anything. But, who says people have to do that to make an impact in your life? You all have been with me when I needed your company. I was glad I got it. It is time to move on… ~ Wonders a many, I have felt, Heart of mine, you have made it melt.~ Thank you.

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