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Service is not pomp; it is a secret done in silence
- Mrs. sharmila Sanka
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‘Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray’ is absolutely true in today’s world. Every being is gifted in one way or the other. Though every one is not rich with money, every being is rich with some talent or the other. Serving others with their innate talents is Service. Every one has a heart to help the people in need. The moment we hear this word, we assume we have to be rich enough to serve society. Spirit is willing; flesh is not. Isn’t this true? Due to unknown reasons there are innumerable differences in the living of all the people in the world. Some are rich enough to save and save money for an unknown and indefinite future where as there are many who are poor enough to fill their stomachs once in few days. There are people not only who are hungry for food but few who are hungry for education, skill and love. Being born along with them, breathing the same air as they do, resting on the same earth as they do, isn’t it our inbound responsibility to take care of little things in our own little ways which make a big difference in their lives? Preaching is easy where as practicing is not. This is true. It is not always necessary to spend something in the name of service. You can involve in some service activities. You can visit any orphanages or hospitals, share your words of love with them, assist in educating any child with in you own financial limits, greet a stranger or a poor being with your smile filled with love and above all, you need not incur any expenditure when you pray for the happiness and peace of the whole world but still the effects do take place. If you cannot pray aloud, at least think a few kind thoughts and determine to serve some one in need in some way or the other. Do you know? Your thought takes form; give it some time. We feel hungry just after the passage of few hours. We need break-fast in just few minutes after awakening from deep and happy sleep. We cannot afford to skip food even once but do we remember there are thousands of poor people who do not have food to wet their stomachs. At least when you come across such people, help them in your own little way. If not greatest food on earth, at least give little food to them. Your food touches not the poor people’s stomachs but their hearts. A feeling that they are being taken care of fills their hearts with joy. Just pray to God to bless them with food. A small prayer miraculously makes wishes come true. Ego is the root cause of any disaster with in one’s own self or with in the society. Service is the best medicine to crush your ego. When you selflessly serve some one, there is no ego with in you. If you can, serve others but do not ever stop or make fun of others who are serving. That is a greatest sin on earth. Service to the society serves your own self too. The satisfaction you will have when you serve others fills your own hearts and above all the heart of God watching you and your acts from above and from with in the hearts of the poor and hungry being served. Service need not be pomp where in you expect a return; you can do it silently in secrecy. It is then there is a meaning to your service here on this earth plane where as high above when you sojourn towards Heaven at the end of your life. It will fetch you unlimited peace which cannot be obtainable anywhere, any time except when you serve. “To serve your heart with happiness, serve the needy.” - - -Sharmila Sanka Written on June 21st 2005

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