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Articles: TP and Me
Friends from TP!
- Badmaash Potti
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Think I have inspired myself from Vikram's article! Well.. I should say that I have made quite a good number of friends for myself in TP whom I am going to cherish for the rest of my life! Let me tell you guys how it all happened. Hmm..we were playing Hindi anthyakshiri! It was Divya, Raj and I and sometimes Madhav (I think). Raj used to give me the same last word again and again and that used to piss me off so much! hehehee! appatinunche arupulu start naavi ;o) naa arupulu choosi inka ekkuva ekkuva ivvatam start chesaadu! appatinunchee antha K thanaki ;o) hehehhee we ended up playing anthyakshiri everyday! Many people used to come and go, but we struck the right chord :) Well..since we used to meet up everyday, I thought we should have formal introduction and stuff and get to know more about each other! And so...STARTED OUR LOUNGE! SO, BASICALLY, IT WAS MY IDEA TO START A LOUNGE AND START A COMMUNITY SORT of THING! God knows how many people still remember that! Pchh :( Anywayzz, we ended up talking and stuff everyday! Raj used to piss me off from the first day itself! Divya was her sweet usual self :) {kakapothe, as the dayz went by, evari nija swaroopalu vallaki thelisayi ;) hehhee } So for the frst few weeks, it was Divya, Raj and I! As the days went by, Sreedhar (Sree), Madhav and Praveen joined us! And so formed the lounge! Tharvatha e-mail id's exchaning, photos exchanging, phone numbers exchanging and then talkings..hehheee Alaa alaa baagaa alavatu padipoyaa TP annaa, veellannaa! Ikkada unna friends tho maatalu thakkuvaipoyyi roju TP lo muchatlu! Baaga kopam vachedi maa friends ki since I wasn't spending much time with them! So alaa alaa days passed by and then months! I think OUR LOUNGE IS 5 MONTHS OLD :) and still going strong :) Though, ee madhya phone lo talkings and andaru chaala busy avvatam valla lounge ki ekkuva raakapothunnaru! I hope everyone missing the good old days as much as I do! Anywayzz, Madhav and Divya are getting married soon (mind you guys, getting married to two different people) hehehee! So, vaallu aa Josh lo unnaaru ee madhya! I wish them a very spicy life ahead ;o) Praveen is in India busy with his Kerala pittalu and Sree with his Seeta aur Geeta aunties! ;) Raj! Raj ki ee madhya pichekkindata! heheee! So thana gurinchi ala cheppesi vadilesthene manchidi ;o) Inka nenu, naaku pichekke stage vachindi! hehhee Basically, we have formed a very strong bonding for each other which will be very hard to let go off :o) Though we haven't met each other till now, eppudu phone lo maatladinaa, mundu undi maatladinatte anipisthundi! THOUGH IT WOULD BE NICE IF WE ALL COULD MEET and I am sure we will :) Just waiting for the right day... (Hey Vik, I am really glad that you ignited in me the passion for writing such an article, though in a very indirect way! cheers :) So, basically, adi story! and last but not the least, I should not forget to mention UK (Uma Kantha) who has always been around in our days of distress ;) Cheers UK annaiah :) -Dedicated to my GANG :)

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