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Helmet can't save Life
- Mr. Siva Sankar Donepudi
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Helmet can not save your life...if it is not wear on head.

The Cost of a Life Details are as follows: Date and Time: 24th Feb, around 17:15 hrs Place: Just outside CMC Centre (Gachibowli, Hyderabad) rear gate (back-side gate near parking) Result: Death of another young man (around 25 years) Reason: Head injuries Point to note: The helmet was nicely attached and locked at the back side of bike. It is said that he was driving at a reasonably slow speed. Photographer: Hyderabad Police, Thanks to Mr. SL Jay Prakash, CMC Centre for getting this photograph from Police. Conclusion: I am sure there are still few people who will question the utility of a helmet. Suggestions: 1. Please reconsider your decision not to wear helmet. 2. Young ladies, please decide to use helmet while you comfortably sit at the back seat. On the Women's day, please take some positive decisions and convince your brothers, husband, friends, father, etc. to use helmet. I am sure you do not bother about your hair-style and use helmet yourself. 3. Car drivers, use seat belt, avoid mobile phones while driving. 4. Follow all traffic rules, even if someone is not watching you. And do not celebrate when you dodge a traffic man, ultimately we will suffer. 5. Please do not try to save some petrol by driving on wrong side to avoid taking a U-Turn some distance away. Hoping for a sensible decision by the knowledge workers, Best wishes, Shatrunjay Rawat Volunteer - Corporate Social Responsibility Group, CMC Centre Hyderabad

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