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Help Mamatha to Live
- Mr. vijay kumar maddala
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This is a story of my own classmate MAMATHA who is on her death bed. This is a true story of a talented writer who won the best writer award from our Honourable Chief Minister Mr.Y.S.Raja Sekhar Reddy Garu. She is Mrs.Ila.Mamatha aged 30 who is on the verge of death but still looking for a ray of hope to rescue her. Mamatha a very bubbly and jovial girl, who is now in a very pathetic condition on her death bed admitted in Medwin Hospital at Hyderabad waiting for laudable donors who can generously come forward to save her life by offering their helping hands for her Kidney Transplantation which costs up to 6 Lakhs which neither her parents nor in-laws can afford. Mamatha belongs to a middle class family who lost her father at a very young age. Her widowed mother turned her blood into sweat in bringing up her 5 kids among which Mamatha is the youngest. At the age of 20 she even lost her elder brother in a tragic accident who was the only strength to her family. Mamatha got married at the age of 25. Very soon the couple was even blessed with a cute son .They dreamt of a long beautiful life, but time once again showed its terrific countenance. Their happiness did not last for a long time. One day when her son was about 1 Year old, Mamatha suddenly collapsed as her two kidneys failed. Since then (about 4years by now), she has been under dialysis (artificial purification of blood). Her husband who promised to walk with her for a life time demanded for divorce as she can no more support the family. Instead of donating a kidney and saving her life, he stayed back at his parents place in Tenali. Mamatha is now staying with her mother and her only little son. They had used whatever little property they had and ended up with debts in due course because of the medical treatment she required. Mamatha would be undergoing her Bilateral Laparoscopic Nephrectomy (Removal of kidneys) tomorrow.and transplantation will be done after 10 days They are no more in a position to rebuild their dream life but their hopes will not run dry as long as the word HUMANE remains on this planet and as long as the earth is adorned with generous People like YOU. As they say, drop and drop makes the ocean. A small offering with generous hearts from each one of you may give rebirth to Mamatha and her son. All faiths teach the same “Be Humane to the Fellow human beings” Come let us HELP MAMATHA to rebuild her shattered dreams. You can deposit you offering into Mamtha’s ICICI Bank Account 000801538135. I will keep you updated regarding how the fund is being used. PS:As I opened Mamatha’s Account on Saturday it is still not activated .It will take 2 to3 business days. So if you don’t have any issues you can deposit it in my account My Account Details: Account Number 004801012027. Name :Aruna Kudumula Branch:Secunderabad Bank Name :ICICI If some one is depositing the amount online please write the details of the amount and name in the remarks column so that it would be easy for me to transfer the amount Please check whether Mamatha’s account is activated before depositing the amount in my account. In case of any concerns please contact me at 9390410504 9866312314 Regards 1)Aruna Kudumula Infosys Tech Ltd Ph:23005222 , Xtn:51433 2) vijay kumar maddala manufacturing chemist in sun biotec pharmaceuticals hyderabad.

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