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'AUCKLAND' lO Daa|| araLumallige paarthasaarathi
- Mr. Bhuvanendra Bhupala
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‘Vidyavachaspati’ - Dr. A. Parthasarathy, M.B.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D In Auckland ---A Report by Bhuvanendra Bhupala --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED IN 'THE INDIAN TRIBUNE'(A Local News Paper in Auckland-NZ) On 20th April 2006 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Aralumallige Parthasarathi, the internationally renowned scholar on ‘Haridasa Bhakti’ Literature and Management Studies, arrived in Auckland on the 21st March 2006 on a two weeks’ visit sponsored by the New Zealand Kannada Koota, Inc., to spread the fragrance of divine bhakti and spiritual enlightenment through discourses at several public forums, temples and private homes of devotees in Auckland. This was his first visit to the lovely pastures of Kiwi land. Dr.Parthasarathy is the author of more than 30 books on various subjects and recipient of more than 25 awards from various organisations and Institutions all over the world. On the 22nd March , in the evening he delivered his first lecture on the ‘Brahma Srushti’ (Creation of species and entities in the universe, stressing the importance of self-realization for the souls which is the ultimate objective for every body. There was a good gathering of devotees who knew him already way back in India. He also touched upon the pattern of ideal human life style as prescribed by ‘shastras’ (Scriptures of most ancient times) and explained how they are relevant even today. A brief account was given of how ‘ Haridasa Sahitya’ started right from ‘ St. Sripadaraja around the fourteenth century, Dr.Aralumallige rendered some divine ‘Purandara’ ‘keertanas’ during the lively discourse.

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