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Happy Friendship Day
- Mrs. malathi kona
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Friendship Day There are really very few days in the year that make me as happy as this one. Friendship Day is the coolest event, simply because it gives us a chance to celebrate one of the happiest parts of our existenceófriends! I love my friends to no end. I am totally in love with child hood life. And Iím sure you too have a whole lot of friends who take the everydayness out of your every day. Such special days donít come often. A friend makes us smile when we are in a mess and helps us in our darkest hours. They are like angels handpicked by god to be by us in our walk of life. And we are grateful for this great gift, arenít we? I have some awesome friends in my family too. The one who tops the list is my big sis, Mom, dad, my little girls, and daughter in law are no exceptions either. So on August 6, think Iím going to send them one special friendship Poem to let them know how special they are. If you have some cool friends in family, go right ahead and wish them now, if you need to say thanks for all that they did and still do. So go ahead and have a blast this August 6. TRUE FRIEND Itís an unexpected call On an over-hectic day Itís someone who hears it all No matter what you have to say Itís a helping hand extended When you stumble on the way Itís someone who lifts your burdens With no cost for you to pay Itís a shoulder you can cry on When you cannot stop the tears Itís someone who understands you And helps dissipate your fears Itís an ally in your struggle Standing faithful at your side Itís someone who doesnít judge you When your faults you cannot hide Itís a place to store your secrets All your velvet-covered dreams Itís someone who believes in you When your goals all hopeless seem Itís a heart you can rely on Honest, caring, tender, true Itís a heart you can abide in Itís a true friend, it is you MALATHI

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