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Crisis, known & inevitable.
- Anaheim Angel
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I am addicted to comfort. I am so addicted to comfort that I would not imagine life without the following: 1) Electricity a) Light when I need it. b) TV when I want to view it. c) Phone to tell people I am alive. d) Water heater to heat my shower water. e) Microwave to reheat my food, and a refrigerator to store it. f) . The list goes on. 2) Vehicles to commute. Far and near included. 3) Internet for my daily activities. 4) A bed and a pillow for me to sleep on. 5) McDonalds for my weekend breakfast 6) . The list goes on, here too. They might all be categorized differently, but everything in the above list is based on energy produced by fossil fuels. The rate at which the world is burning fossil fuels, predictions are that we will run the Earth dry well before the 150 year deadline that was given initially. My question is, then what? THEN WHAT? These 2 words often play in my head. If this catastrophe happens, then what? So, it leads to the following questions. 1) If you were to say, well man always wasn't used to comfort, I shall ask you, but how many men were without comfort? Estimated population was a few thousands spread over the entire Earth. Is the size of the Earth going to hold everyone together? Here is why I say that a) Life would be nice and warm in the tropics. There is only so much of the tropic to hold everybody together. b) Even if you live in the tundra, you need wood etc for sustaining life all night, and that in itself is a scary scenario. 2) If you were to say, we can go back to eating fruits, and killing animals for meat, and using fire, I shall ask you, is there space? Are there animals? a) Generally speaking, we have not conserved our plant life, and we have sure as heck haven't conserved the animal life. Primitive man threw a spear at a herd. He had talent to hunt, I admit that, but the deer/bison etc were so close to each other, that even if he aimed at A and missed, there were C to Z standing beside the animal A to take the hit. DOHHHHH! What about now? We don't have livestock in the wild that we can depend on. As a corollary.. b) Chicken, Cattle etc that we have now, eat processed foods, are protected against by using vaccines what not, and are used to the same sophisticated nature that we are used to. The moment electricity is out, so are the chicken. Count on that. Cattle will survive to nourish us in other forms of edible content, but if we run out of primary food options, what would we eat then? c) Eating fruits is good, but have you wondered why we put so many pesticides on food now? Maybe we can try to eat damaged foods, but you gotta give it to the fact that our resistance levels are not what they used to be when man first started roaming Earth. And, we won't have the anti-biotics to rely on, if we get sick. And you can use the bad apple good lot of apples comparision here. Once a person in an area falls sick, you can bet that the whole crowd will fall sick, and... d) If you need fire, you need wood. If you need to cook, you need wood. If you need to stay warm, you need wood. But, the question is, do we have enough wood? e) Have we even taken into account the fish pools yet? The patterns that we disrupted by our constant pillage of breeding grounds? 3) If you were to say man has always survived before, I will ask you but are you the one who will survive? a) When there is a calamity of epic proportions, there are only a few individuals strong enough mentally as well as physically to endure hardships. Also, death spreads disease. Are you the one to do that? Especially considering the comfort levels that you are used to, and the prevalent obesity that seems to consume more and more children as generations go by. b) On the contrary, population explosion is the second driving reaction for this. The demand for fossil fuels keeps on increasing because there are more and more people being generated in this world. Nobody takes the population explosion seriously. Nobody has been educated enough about the gravity of this issue. 4) Man has found entertainment in the glimmer of bonfire is what you would say, and I would counter by asking you, when your life is in gloom, and your mind is not right, would you even think of entertainment? Maybe you would, but how do I know? You haven't proven anything to me. 5) You would say hydro-electricity, solar energy, but I counter do you even have any idea when solar energy will be tapped to be used on production levels? Do you even know what percent of power that is generated is from hydro-electricity? a) Do you even know by how much the demand for energy will increase and more and more governments become stable, and more and more countries cross the barrier between developing and developed? b) Do you even care to find out what measures people in positions of authority and administration are taking to tackle the problem that will be posed when we run out of non-renewable resources(i.e fossil fuels) c) Do you even read any research about renewable resources and its development? d) Have you ever wondered why alternate sources of energy are not being looked into on a grander scale than what is being perceived now? e) We have not even talked about Global warming yet. 6) If you say you got people to run mountains down if necessary, then I ask you about the food those people need, the ailments they bring, and more importantly, are you a social person? If you say inspite of all the above you are a survivor and a fighter, then I commend you for that, but I also warn you now itself. Life was not easy for primitive man. Life is not easy for the wild animals now. Once the power goes out, we are game to them too. It is about time people put their differences aside, and work towards a solution. I have a few recommendations. 1) First and foremost, people have to be made aware of this problem. Since everybody watches TV, this has to be broadcasted on all the stations. Facts have to be shown and people should realize the importance of conservation. 2) All the countries should adopt a one child policy. This has to be done NOW. 3) Since children are the people who will take care of the future, I suggest all the history lessons be moulded in a way to shed light on how our generation has ruined the world up in our hunger for speed, and comfort. And, emphasis should be made clear on how the future would be if they take our course of action by not caring. Present should be taught as history. 4) All the money spent on wars / armies etc. should be instead spent on research into alternate fuels. 5) The Earth has to look green on all land from the moon by the year 2050. Set this goal, and aim to follow it. 6) Take stands on apartments instead of individual houses. This way there is space for environment to take it's original glory. There can be many more ideas that prominent people can emphasize on to help better our world. The reason is simple, if you believe in Karma, and if you don't act now, your soul will be yanked from Heaven and cast into Hell the moment life fails on Earth. Because your god will hold you responsible for your gross inaction.

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