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Headache is a feeling of pain in the head and the most common, but most varied, of health problems. TYPES OF HEADACHE AND IT’S CHARACTERISTICS 1. TENSION-TYPE HEADACHES • Pain usually felt in the back of the head and neck, and usually not one-sided. • Pain may last for days to weeks with only brief periods of relief, although it may fluctuate in severity. • Attacks that begin at any time of the day. • Pain that is often described as a 'tight band,' pressing, but rarely throbbing, and never accompanied by fever. 2. MIGRAINE HEADACHES • Happen when blood vessels in the head close too tight or open too wide. • Pain that is characteristically only on one side at a time, but may spread to involve the entire head. • Pain that is throbbing in nature and usually develops slowly and gradually worsens after an hour or so. Lasts at least 2-4 hours or longer. • Attacks that may occur once every few days or weeks or does not occur for months. Migraines often continue for hours, but rarely last longer than a day or two. • Pain that may be aggravated by stress, alcohol, or certain foods such as chocolate and are frequently accompanied by nausea and vomiting and relieved by sleep. Pain may also occur during the menstrual period. • Having a family history of migraine headaches. 3. CLUSTER HEADACHES • Pain that occurs mostly in middle aged men, while typical migraines are more common in women. • Unilateral headache with pain that is often situated behind an eye and usually in the same eye. • Pain that comes on very suddenly and without warning. • Pain that peaks within 5 to 10 minutes and may last up to several hours. • Pain that will awaken a person from sleep and occur several times a day for weeks and then stop. • Pain that comes on at almost the same time every day, for several weeks to months. • Pain that may be associated with unilateral nasal block and tearing of the eye.

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