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Articles: TP and Me
Thanks to TP
- Mrs. malathi kona
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I came to know about this site through my friend. So, I thought, why can't I share my feelings with members of this site? I stared with my article.. in my experience section..TELUGUPEOPLE.COM is a wonderful site....for knowing some think that we never go thru..(good or bad)..i like most of the sections in this site.. but my favorite one is MY EXPERIENCE section. it was really very heart touching experiences. some of made me tears in my eyes and some of made me to think a lot..i started entering this site once in while… and read some of the articles with all comments (good and bad) I do not understand why some members react very negatively. Can’t we tolerate opposite views? Why these kind of negative responses, that too in this good site? ..really I was scared to submit my articles.. I never submit before in Indian sites like this. I never get that hard feeling when I submit my poetry are articles in so many other sites in U.S.A. all the time we comment like this. when we read one poem we will comment like this.. I like this, it has a mystic feel to it - definitely proofread though, there's nothing more distracting in poetry than accidental language errors. The stanzas do seem a little unconnected (except when you refer to the wall again, that's nice) - on it's way to be a very nice little poem and some times we will write our edited version. When we criticize an issue, topic, it will definitely lead to a productive and positive outcome. I never expected my articles would get comments. Anyhow my intention is not to get comments / appreciation…just I want to share my feelings with a couple of good friends. thru this site. I would like to thank each and every individual member of our own telugu people site (like our own family). I thank the Team behind, for establishing such a good site and maintaining it successfully.

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