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The internet is an amazing learning tool. Any question that could possibly pop into your head can be instantly answered with a few points and clicks. There are many on-line resources for kids too, especially when it comes to free kid's educational games. Whether you want a geography quiz or a game to practice multiplication facts, or even a kids tutorial for excel or word, you can find it on line. Here are a few amazing resources for free online educational kids games. Gamequarium has literally hundreds of resources and educational games for kids. The site is broken up into different sections: Games for kids grades 3-6 includes quizzes on popular chapter books like 'Captain Underpants, keyboarding practice, vocabulary, social studies, geography, spelling, black history and much more. The section for Pre-K through 6th grade is called 'Readquarium' and has lots of different games associated with reading skills, like phonics, homophones, beginning and ending sounds, and vocabulary. Gamequarium Jr. is for Pre-K through 2nd grade and games about money, the ABC's and 123's, and time, as well as many links to games with TV characters like Blue and Dora. Additionally, has sections for parents, teachers, printable worksheets, freeware and shareware, technology tutorials and much more. You can search the site by grade level, subject or instructional technology to find just what you need. This site is a one stop site for educational games and information. Quiz Hub is a site with lots of games and quizzes for kids to play. There are quizzes on current events, grammar, math, spelling, chemical elements, history and more. Some of the games include soduku, tetris, concentration, chess and checkers. This site also has an SAT vocabulary quiz. Many of the games and quizzes on this site are absolutely free. However, they offer a subscription of $40 a year for even more interactive learning resources. With at over 100 different quizzes, even if you don't get the subscription, you will have a lot of educational games to choose from. The problem site has lots of online strategy games for 1 or 2 players. There are also lots of word games, math puzzles and logic puzzles as well as a store full of actual educational games. These games are not flashy and exciting, so may not appeal to some kids. However, for kids who enjoy solving problems, this site is a great place to check out. One great thing about this site is that it can appeal to both students and adults. Kids can play with their parents and develop strong problem solving and reasoning skills. There is too much to take in with just one visit to The Problem Site, and kids who enjoy this site will want to visit it again and again. Having a personal computer with an internet connection can literally be like having a library in your very own home. Take advantage of all the learning sites out there and show your kids that the challenge to learn can be fun and rewarding.

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