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KBC-3 & Shah Rukh (Ya) Amitab...Kaun Hai Bahathar...!!!???
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Shah Rukh in Press Conference of KBC-3

I’m talking abt the India’s most Successful Game Show & it is back with the Baadshah of Bollywood @ the helm, Shah Rukh Khan... In an NDTV Poll on TV, asked “who is better, Is it Shah Rukh (or) Amitab on KBC?”...Can U imagine who got the most Percentage of Votes...Na it is not Amitab jee...It is indeed Shah Rukh Khan...(As I saw the Poll details @ 11:16pm on 22nd Jan'07, Shah Rukh got 51% & Amitab jee got 49%, this may have changed afterwards) Yep, this is True & I agree with these Votes completely... Meitho bolthaa hoon, Shah Rukh hee Bahathar hai...Doesn’t the name say it all...!!!??? & there are reasons why I am saying this... Lemme explain... Firstly, I should say Amitab’s show was with little Seriousness (it is like 50% seriousness & 50% Hilarious) & always he used to use the same sentences for Greeting & etc...Initially this was good as everybody learned these & were using verry often, but when the show was progressing, it was getting little boring & people stopped using the sayings of Amitab jee... Okay abt Shah Rukh :--- Shah Rukh may have more surprises lined up for the new KBC, first one being the Music Video called “Kar Le Kar Le Tu Ek Sawaal”...As Star Plus says “Not only is the track very catchy, it also shows SRK's skills as a rapper!”...Now the SRK’s famous lines are “Kuch Sawaal Aapki Zinbdagi Badal Sakthe Hai”... Shah Rukh started the show saying “Mein Shah Rukh UNLOCK karne jaa rahaa hoon Kaun Banega Crorepati”... Shah Rukh started with an Hilarious comment saying 'this time KBC is back with me & SAWAAL LENE VAALA BADAL GAYA HAI aur SAWAAL DENE WAALA bhi BADAL GAYA hai'... I would rate Shah Rukh as almost 90% Hilarious & entertaining...I know most people (mainly Youngsters) will like him... & hey BTW, it is back with some interesting thing called “Quotes by Shah Rukh”...LOLz Here are some Quotes 1) “Reading is my Freedom to go where I want to”. 2) “I still believe that most of the Actors are better than me”. 3) “It’s difficult to believe but I am a SHY person”. 4) “The closest you come to being content is when you Die”. 5) “I’m basically a Lazy Man & want to take it easy after 30”. (Quotes Courtesy by Mustaq Sheik, OM Book Service) I would say 'Amit jee is Amit & Shah Rukh is Shah Rukh, We can't & should not compare both of 'em'... They both are different in their own Terms & have different styles... But I really wanna rate Shah Rukh with more points after watching the First Show on 22nd Jan’07 night...

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