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Leveraging TTD
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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- an open letter to TTD Board Chairman --------------------------------------- Shri B. Karunakar Reddy, Chairman, TTD Board. Tirumala. Dear Shri Krunakar Reddy, Many individual chaired the TTD Board earlier and could not make far-reaching changes in the way the TTD Board conducts itself and serves the Devotees through its vast Human Resources. I made an attempt to present in the following pages my Dream Tirumala. I am sure that each Devotee of the Lord of Seven Hills would have a Dream of her/his own about how TTD should manage the Holy Hills. Every devotee wants to see that the TTD’s way of managing the Holy Hills becomes a model worth emulating in the world. TTD has got all the uniqueness and wherewithal to become a unique model in the world. Service to humanity with humility is service to the Lord. This statement can best be demonstrated by the way the TTD manages the Tirumala Hills and the way TTD Board and its Human Resources become Devotee Oriented and Devotee Centric. The processes of realizing the Dream of many devotees about the Lord’s abode need to be given impetus. When Vatican can become a unique unit of civil administration do you think we cannot make Tirumala the best place on the planet earth to live? We can certainly make it in a record time. Please take your time and read the following pages. Please grab the opportunity of leaving an everlasting contribution of yours on the Hills of the Lord. May Lord of Seven Hills give you all the wisdom to identify right people to realize the common dream of many Devotees. With my personal best wishes to you -- IVNS Raju

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