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Articles: My Experience
Childhood perspective..
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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I first witnessed the death of my paternal grand father who was shifted from the verandah of the house to the floor down below. I looked at him. I saw the tears in him. I was helped by my father to pour three small spoons of Tulasi Theertham (water mixed with basil leaves). He stared at me as if he was speaking very seriously with me. He was laid to be there on the floor for some time and later many around us declared him dead. This followed by the loud crying of ladies around. I saw the death of my maternal grandfather who was fed with rice porridge minutes before his death. He talked to me, smiled at me and later after consuming the food he suffered some sort of suffocation and struggled with it for some time and wide opened his mouth before breathing his last. It appeared as if the Praana (the life force)had gone out of his mouth into the universe I have experienced nearer-to-death situations. One was in River Godavari near Kondamodalu – a village on the Gadavari river’s course from Bhadrachalam to Rajamundry. I learnt swimming and wanted to show it to my uncle (husband of my mother’s younger sister). I swam from the shore till the middle of the river and retuned. Due to the powerful flow of the river the point I returned was a bit way from the point I started. At this point the depth was more. Unknowing of this I stopped swimming and tried to reach the ground with my feet. I did not find the ground and found myself drowning. I was gasping for breath as I had already swallowed good quantity of water. To my surprise I found my uncle watching me like a stone without any word or movement. I cried for his help that did not come forth managing to float but again drowned. In the process I moved a few spans away and as I drowned my feet touched a huge rock beneath and I took all my energy to kick it to go a little nearer to the shore. This action helped me reach a place where my feet can touch the ground and walk towards the shore. My uncle said “good that you have back”. I was astonished at his behaviour and became silent. He never quoted this incident with my parents. During that time he did not have a male child but blessed with two daughters. With this experience, I again ventured into a deep well dug in the rice field for irrigation purpose. I dived into it and its depth made me gulp water. I lost control on my breathing pattern with this. I started drowning. As I drowned a bit my hand touched the tap root of a big tree adjacent to the well. I held it strongly and started rising along with it. In a few moments my head was out of water and I took a fresh breath. I touched the brim of the well and raised myself with the help of hands and came out.

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