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An open letter to Dr. JP
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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Dear Dr.JP, Hope is what people associate with you and the Lok Satta. I am sure that this hope is not going to be shattered but being converted into a reality that the world would recognise soon. As a Human Resource Professional for the last 17 years, I am in my 41 years of life wanted several times so passionately to become a politician to make a unique difference in the way politics are used. In you and your part cadres I see myself and get a typical psychic contentment like the one I used to get when I see NTR movies in my early child hood. I am sure many inviduals in Andhra Pradesh share this relatively in a similar way with their uniqueness! The transition of Lok Satta from being an agency to usher in reforms in and awarness about the the electionering in this country into a fully time political party is being welcomed by many in Andhra Pradesh. Your statement about contesting for the by-elections in ZPTCs, GHMC and even in the General Elections for the AP State Assembly in 2009 has raised the small ray hope into a beam that is as powerful as LASER. At this juncture, I wish to make the following submissions to you. These submissions, if looked into and acted upon, would sure to make Lok Satta a political force in the WORLD!! 1. Lok Satta's website is not as popular as it should be. I have visited the website and found to be well designed and has got so much scope for improvement in the following areas : provision for people to join online as a member PRovision for people to share their concerns Deatails of members (numbers district wise, qualification wise, income wise, age wise, etc) And many other userfriendly featueres to make the website more interactive and vibrant 2. Lok satta shall have a separate team to manage its website as it is high time to leverage the IT for bringing in far reaching changes in the way politics are used. the young generation in this state can be reached out through your website. For this Lok Satta shall release pamphlets, small but unique ads. posters and emails to the Net connected individuals in the state. Once this is done - I mean networking with the Netizes from Andhra Pradesh - Lok satta would have several advantages that I can not even list here..

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