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Articles: Philosophy
Confessions of Dhoorjati
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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Poem No.116: Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti, I shall pray at your Lotus like Feet Before the teeth-line falls down, when the body still not deprived of its vigour Well before the women folk deject and before the body is conquered by old age Before the mysteries of old age enters the body and before the hairline becomes grey. Poem No.32 : Even after renouncing the experiences of the ecstasies that are gained From the physical comforts of women the mind still hanker after them, Even after acquiring the illusionary riches in the form of children, friends and money The mind - alas! - does not stop longing for them Even after severing the wines of desire that coil strongly around, it gets attached to them Even after indulging in the noble acts that please you, it does not continue doing the same Why don’t you, the Lord of Srikalahasti, squash the judder of the mind!!?? Poem No.3 : Knowing fully well that all that is an illusion, the human being still gets coloured And carried away by the sheer attraction of Wealth, wife, children and the physical being But he never rests his mind, Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti Even for a few moments on You. Poem No.14 : The body is dotted by the thick nail-marks of the women, the chest has become senseless With the passion driven friction of bosoms, with the illusionary affliction of cupidity I have landed in caducity, baldheaded and disgusted to express further about this life I cannot endure this state Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti I beg you make me dispassionate about this life. Poem No.76 : God-awful if I think of the sinful situations I was in, in the past Bewildered I am if I visualize the agonizing state of death that is fast approaching from All directions, when I look at myself I am engulfed by the fear of all my actions Oh! Lord of Srikalahasti, the Time ahead is pitch darkness!! Poem No.79 : Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti, annihilate the yearning in me for worldly comforts I realize they do not give a whit of joy, they do not satisfy the desires of the mind They do not come along with me when I leave this world, they do not make me Well-known in the world, they do not wipeout my errors They do not allow me even if I want to see You. Poem No.18 : Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti grant me the boon Of transforming in to an awakened speck of your Wisdom As I have had enough of my desires fulfilled I have no more desires, Kings personify desires, serving them is Hell Their presents are seeds of agonies in the form of wealth, women and palanquin. Poem No.15 : Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti, You are the bumblebee hovering over my mind Guide me as to how I shall pray you. I shall shun seeing you in trivial ways like: The one in my knees, the one in the nipple, the one in this pen, The one like a goat-erry…. Take away these doubts Show me your form as a manifestation of all your kindness. Poem No.62 : Enough and enough of the contentment that I got in the influence of cupid Enough and enough of the royal comforts conferred on me by the kings Show me the way to the place of Brahma for obtaining the ultimate peace With your mercy, Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti, I shall remain in the eternal bliss. Poem No.45 : If I ponder over the exhilaration of chanting Shiva and Shiva, the world appears With full of possibilities like a terrible weapon metamorphosing into a tender flower, The fire becoming snow, the space transforming into a place on the earth, The enemy emerging as a beloved friend, the poison turning out to be a sumptuous food Oh! Shiva the Lord of Srikalahasti, Your name itself makes every thing possible. Poem No.19 : I see no end and no beginning as I think of You Why don’t you call me? Oh! The Lord of Srikalahasti your feet is worshipped by Sri Rama Grant me Boon or a bane I have an absolute trust in You Never shall I indulge henceforth in wasteful initiations.

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