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Single Hindu Female..
- Mr. Kevin Naidoo
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Arch_PK0 - Single Hindu Female Brooklyn New York - T 461 725 My name is Kevin. I'm a 5th generation South African of Telegu Decent. In Decemeber 2005, I read a profile on about a Telegu female named Archana. She is from Brooklyn, New York and is an advertising professional. The little that Archana wrote about herself amazed me and captured my heart. It's weired though, despite there being hundreds of interesting profiles on Shaadi and Bharat, Archana's connected with my soul. My heart told me that I must search for her. Unfortunatley, she has not responed to my contact. Upon enquiring with Shaadi and Bharat, it was told that she had not responded to anyone on those sites as they picked up that the mails sent to her where not retrieved on her side. Two years have gone by and I still wonder about Archana to a point where, I'm finding it so difficult to move on with my personal life. I do have myself to blame for this situation as I created an image of someone in my mind and now I'm finding so hard to move on. All I want is for Archana to contact me in some manner. May be she has met some one and moved on but just let me know, so I know I can move on and there on, live my personal life with all sincerity. Sincerity meaning that, whom ever I decide to marry, I will be 100% to her because I know that Archana has moved on. If Archana is still single, then God will chanel our lives in the channel set out by our souls and Himself.

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