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New political culture
- Mr. venakata kutumbarao krothapalli
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The Loksatta Party, greeting people on the 2008 New year - eve, recalls that the party has lived up to its promise of ushering in a new political culture since its establishment on October 2, 2006. The party’s internal functioning, programs and policies have caught the imagination of the discerning public. The Loksatta Party is the first in the country to: - Publish its income and expenditure details and put them on its website - Accept donations only by cheque and issue receipts - Hold elections to office - bearers by secret ballot and proportional system of voting - Appoint an independent election authority to oversee party elections - Reserve positions in the party to weaker sections, youth and women - Ensure a weaker section representative gets one of the top two posts in a unit - Commit party ticket to 100 BCs, 98 women and up to 50% to youth in Assembly polls - Constitute an independent Ombudsman to oversee party functioning - Appoint a People’s Commission against corruption Dr. JP points out that the Loksatta Party is the first in the country to abjure ‘bandhs’ and ‘rasta rokos’ in its commitment to pursue legal, constitutional and peaceful means for highlighting people’s problems. Whether it was the movement against unauthorized liquor outlets or protest against closure of schools or lack of facilities in Government hospitals, the Lok Satta pursued means of agitation which did not inconvenience the general public. #Multi The Lok Satta Party, which stands for the integrity and unity of India, has condemned parochial agitations like the one on the Babli project. As an innovate solution to the chronic issue of reservations for various castes in educational institutions and Government jobs, the Lok Satta Party has suggested that 10% of additional marks be given to poor candidates irrespective of caste from rural areas in qualifying examinations. Even as the existing reservations are not disrupted, justice can be rendered to the poor and the backward from all castes. The Lok Satta has made provision of quality healthcare and education to all at Government cost, equipping the youth with livelihood skills and making agriculture remunerative as the sheet anchor of its policies. It is committed to forming district governments, restricting liquor consumption and bringing about far-reaching changes in the functioning of the police. Dr. JP says that the party will complete its organizational elections all over the State by February-end and get ready to contest elections. It will join hands with all those who are committed to ushering in a new political culture.

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