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nEnu saitaM
- Mr. Vachaspathi V
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Letter to the Editor: Posted to The Hindu today. (16Feb08) This refers to your Editorial ‘Upholding the rule of law’. Mr. Raj Thackeray got enough political popularity in the present episode, already, thanks to the media. Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. R.R.Patil might have convinced that the rule of law would prevail and that one cannot change the law or the constitution by burning a rickshaw or stoning a bus, indicating Mr. Thackeray and the sainiks of Maharashtra Navanirman Sena. Mr. Thackeray arrested and bailed – then, where is the rule of law? IPC 153A says that promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony, by whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, promotes or attempts to promote, on the grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever, disharmony or feeling of enmity, hatred or ill-will between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities……so on. This section is non-bail able. However, Mr. Thackeray got bail! In violation of IPC 153A, the sainiks of Maharashtra Navanirman Sena indulged in riots of violence disrupting normal life. That means, IPC 145 violated. IPC 145 says that joining or continuing in unlawful assembly, knowing it has been commanded to disperse – whoever joins or continues in an unlawful assembly, knowing that such unlawful assembly has been in the commanded manner prescribed by the law to disperse, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or both.

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