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Irrevocable Guarantees
- Mr. venakata kutumbarao krothapalli
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Small Towns : The Lok Satta Party points out that like political power, economic power too is concentrated in big cities and towns, leading to the languishing of small towns and rural areas. The party will resolve this problem once and for all by developing 1000 small towns with a massive investment of Rs.25,000 crore. All urban amenities, opportunities and quality life will be provided in the small towns. Local roads, transport, water supply, drainage, parks, libraries, education, healthcare and training industries will be encouraged making these small towns economic hubs and magnets for local migration. The Lok Satta Party seeks to transform villages by guaranteeing safe drinking water in every village, 24-hour power supply to domestic consumers, quality power to the farm sector, a septic tank in every house at Government cost, a blacktop road to the village and assured bus services. A village with a population of 10,000, for instance, will get a grant of Rs.1 crore in addition to funds under normal Government schemes. Panchayats will be fully empowered to curb liquor, ensure safe water supply and prevent public defecation, and will be held accountable. The Lok Satta Party pays special attention to imparting job skills to the youth and guaranteed employment by establishing ultra modern training centers. The youth will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.1500 as they undergo the yearlong training. About 10,00,000 trained youth will be assured jobs though placement Programmes in private sector and government. Development Brigade : The Lok Satta Party will launch an army of young people who are committed and willing to work for the State's development for two years. It will recruit and train not less than 1,00,000 people a year to ensure that there are at least 2,00,000 workers in the field at any time. They will be paid a stipend of Rs.3000 per month for the two years they render service. Their services will be utilized in the implementation of schemes in education, health, agriculture etc. And in the war against corruption and alcoholism. Social Security : For the first time in the history of the country, the party commits itself to providing social security to one crore families and liberate them from livelihood fears. It covers all families in the unorganized sector, who earn a monthly income of less than Rs.5000. The beneficiaries will include small farmers and agricultural workers, small traders and artisans engaged in traditional occupations, hamalis and workers in the construction sector, drivers of autos, trucks and taxis, employees of private establishments like schools, shops and nursing homes and women. Under the scheme, a family that saves Rs.400 a month will receive an equivalent matching grant from the Government so that in seven years it will have accumulated Rs.1,00,000 including interest. The corpus will enable the family to take up any economic activity of its choice and lead an honorable life without any crutches. This is eminently feasible in the context of the Lok Satta Party promising to provide free quality education and health care to all. The Lok Satta Party promises free and quality education to all up to Class XII. The Government will enable every poor student who is eligible and desirous of higher education including engineering and medicine at its cost. Every student from poor and rural families, irrespective of caste or religion, will be given 10 percent bonus marks in competitive examinations for higher education or jobs.

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