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Registration & Membership
How do I become a member of
Is free?
How do I unsubscribe from
Login & Accessing the Site
Why do I need to Login to use certain features on
I forgot my User ID. How can I get it back?
I forgot my password. How to get it?
I have registered in the You said that I am going to get a password in the email. But I did not recieved any such password or email. Why?
I got the password by email. But it is not working. I am not able to Login.
My Home / My Profile
How to change my profile on
How to Remove my profile from completely?
How to make my Name / Profile appear in the Home Page?
How to make my Photo appear in the Home Page?
I have more than one profile on How do I access all of my profiles with single login?
Email and related questions
Will provide an e-mail address? My User ID is KV. Can I get e-mail address??
Will let users to send e-mails to the ones who are not registered in this site?
How do i get a Member's e-mail address?
Announcements / Classifieds
There is a Mistake in my Announcement. I want to Change it. How to do it?
Search Engine - Favourite Sites
How to add a web site to search engine?
How can I add my favourite web sites to my profile?
How can I delete a site from my favourite sites list?
Others / Miscellaneous
There are two people with the same name on I am confusing. How do I differentiate them?
Few people are using obscene language in the chat rooms on Telugu People. Is there anyway to control these users?
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