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Sri Acharya Athreya,the sweetest lyricist of the Telugu cine world found his niche as an unrivalled poet pouring songs of matchless beauty in spontaneous flow for no less a period than half a century. He kept the millions of cine-goers spell-bound with the magic of his melodious lyrics from generation to generation. The lovers of literature, of song and music, and the lay-man in the street irrespective of their cultural background or social status, were transported into ethereal realms of perfect joy, listening to his most captivating songs. The Telugu people of all classes hours built an immortal shrine in their hearts as an expression of their love and gratitude to this mana su kavi. The songs full of lyrical beauty and charm, enlivened with sentiments expressive of love in all its multifarious moods of self forgetful ecstasy, of the piercing pangs of pain caused by a temporary separation, of yearning desire to be one with the beloved and an infinite variety of moods, ranging from the topless heights of joy to the abysmal depths of despair and dejection. There is no mood or sentiment that the heart of man has experienced at one time or another, in his lifes variegated moods, that Athreya has left untouched. He touches the right chord at the right moment with the jugglery of his phrase, with tears of sorrows or joy welling up in the eyes of the listener, according as the mood of the movement prevails! Athreya has left an indelible impress on the minds of the masses as well as of the class people as the sweetest lyricist that ever flourished in Telugu cine-field. Athreya means the moon and the moon sheds the coolest and brightest rays on earth; this moon of a poet continually showers the rarest lyrics that soothe the heart even when it is laden with grief, awakened by The sweetest song that tells of the saddest thought.

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