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Posted By: book hungama at: 13, Jun 2018 4:08:49 PM IST
6 signs of Bibliophiles!
Books have a central place in their hearts, they feel incomplete when there isn’t a book going on parallel to their daily life and they would choose reading over anything. Yes we are talking about the bibliophile tribe! This tribe prefers books over people, anyday! They often are spotted reading a book in their spare time or quoting one. The habit of reading has taken over all the other habits.
Here are some of the signs of this tribe!
1. Nothing else matters
When a bibliophile is reading, nothing, absolutely nothing matters. The noises in the background drown, the party invitation is ignored and the phone is kept on a silent mode. We are not even exaggerating when we say that when they are reading, for them, the entire world around doesn’t matter.

2. The movie to book comparison
These folks who absolutely love reading always compare books to their movie adaptation and no one will ever find them saying “the movie was better than the book”. They will always prefer reading the book over watching the movie no matter however good the movie is or how much ever large the book or the series is.

3. While traveling, their reading habit accompanies
No one will ever find a bibliophile without some story to read while he/she is traveling. Be it a kindle or a paperback, they make sure that they carry something to read along.

4. Reading over partying
Reading is their own nirvana, their own fun, their own party! Usually these folks would be found trying to ignore the party invitation as they would be reading one of their favourite authors. Generally these people are not introverts as such but they do prefer books over people or socialising.

5. Hate spoilers!
Who likes them anyway but these bibliophiles will hate you…loathe you if you give out any details or plots of the story they are about to read or are still reading. So here’s a kind advice – DO NOT GIVE OUT SPOILERS! Ever!

6. Topic of any book gets them all excited
It is very easy to get any bibliophile to start talking, just ask them about any book that they have read. They are usually found either talking about a book or debating about certain topics in that book.
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