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CM & GHMC save East City plot owners
Posted By: Krishna Krishna at: 4, Jun 2009 12:31:08 PM IST
M/s Narne Estates Private Limited floated East City Residential Layout in nearly 20 years ago in Bibinagar, peripheral area of Hyderabad. Almost 20000 people purchased plots and paid more than Rs2000 crores 20 years ago. But not even a single house came up there. Reasons are plenty. There is no water supply, drainage, roads, electricity till now. As per guideline, Panchayat can not give permission if the size is more than 1000 syds. So, how did he float this layout with out technical clearance from DTCP/HUDA? On enquiry DTCP informed that only LP NO-39, 40, 26/2002 are permitted with certain conditions. It is clear M/s Narne has not met the required norms of DTCP/HUDA. DTCP/HUDA/Panchayat has not taken action till now. Why DTCP/HUDA/Panchayt does not time limit for completion and handing over to Panchayat? How much revenue every year Panchayat loosing because of non-completion? Regarding responsibility of monitoring the project and revenue loss, everyone (Panchayat, DTCP, HUDA) pointing to others and shrugging of their responsibility. M/s Narne keeps on collecting money from plot purchasers and cheating them. Many people buy the plot with their life time saving to construct home. These people are not plot hoarders. They need house immediately. More over what is the purpose of land conversion, if that is not put to use in a reasonable time?

M/s Narne included the following conditions in his sale deed:
1. That the plan for construction of house in the said plot of land shall be approved by M/s Narne Estates Private Limited before submitting for sanction to the concerned authority.
2. That the purchaser (Plot owner) is bound by all rules and conditions that may be made from time to time and shall be decided by “East City Defence Welfare Association”, registered under the A.P (Telengana Area) Public Society Registration Act 1350 fasli, in the office of the Registrar of Societies, Hyderabad vide Registration No-387/1991,dated 31 January, 1991.
3. That Seller (M/s Narne) shall formulate rules for the laying of roads, park, amenities, sewage, water supply, electricity and about such other things in respect of the plots concerned by resolution of Gram Panchayat Bibinagar and the same are binding on the seller and the purchaser shall also contribute such some as may be levied.
4. That the purchaser should pay the amount of development charges demanded by M/s Narne as and when incurred on par with other member.
5. That the purchaser hereby agrees that, if he/she wants to sell the said plot, first it should be offered to M/s Narne only.

Even uneducated person can agree that all the above terms are illegal. But District Consumer Forum is not bothered. Recently, M/s Narne included these inspite of District Consumer Forum directing to remove them. But, District Consumer Forum has not taken any action. M/s Narne is taking advantage of loop holes in the system and making the plot owners his permanent debtors. Unless M/s Narne completes all developments works and hands over to Panchayat, people will not get confidence to build house.
I request concerned authorities (CM, Chairman GHMC, Minister Urban Development, TV Channels) to take necessary action such that M/s Narne fulfills all the obligations and hands over the layout to Panchayat immediately. I also request concerned authorities to remove the above illegal points from sale deeds executed by M/s Narne. Otherwise, every layout promoter will come with his own terms and run his illegal business.

Jalavayu Vihar
Andhra Pradesh

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