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Excellent Opportunity
Posted By: kishan ravi at: 14, Jan 2011 1:56:58 PM IST

This is RajaKishore. I would like to let you know one excellent scientific invention below.. please read it carefully.
Mr. S.K.Ramesh, he is a scientist in medical science. He is a research holder from KGMC, Lucknow. He is a famous trauma surgeon in USA, guest speaker for many universities, and specialist in anti-ageing technology. (
You simply search his name in Google as “Dr. S.K.Ramesh.” You can find his qualification and background.
He has done research for 36 years and found an excellent transformation tool. It is made of titanium, 12 different types of crystals and 72 minerals, which came from lava which comes from volcano. This tool transforms the cosmic energy (viswa sakthi in telugu) into the human body. The human body generally consists 70% of water. This water will be useful as a conductor to spread the cosmic energy to allover the body. The cosmic energy rejuvenates (restore, regenerate, make youthful) the cells of human body. Thus the disorder will be cured. It evokes the potentiality or resistance power of our body. There will be no side effects, because this was made of crystals which came from nature. The tool will protect our body from radiation effects and pollution effects. The tool was designed as Wand [just like pen] because we have to wear that all the time on our body.
Excellent Business Opportunity is also here. One person can earn up to Rs. 9 crores .
If you want to get the experience of it personally, please contact me. If you want to know further details or if you have any Questions or concerns regarding this please feel free to call me. My mobile number is: 9966630002.Hyderabad. A.P.,India.

Take care of Health

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