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Regional News: Karimnagar
TRS demands committee to study weavers' problems
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Posted by: Ms. xiaozhengm xiaozhengm At: 22, Sep 2015 11:35:05 AM IST
There is no other go than to abolish the handloom trade in the country. when there is no demand at all for the handloom cloth, nobody understands why the govt should allot so much to the social welfare of the weavers in the country. Affluent weavers children are now wearing Raymond. Digjam fabrics etc. when such is the case there is no meaning in the budgetary allocation every year for the weavers. Instead the govt can start vocational institutions wherein the weavers can be admitted to learn new trades instead of depending on the handloom kulavruthi (that does not pay even a rupee a day) Several handloom families all over A.P. shifted to building construction, silver and gold jewellery making etc. Taapi Maistry gets easily 300 rupees a day. Goldsmiths get a large amount every month towards making charges for gold jewellery.

Posted by: Mrs. Snehalatha Madhavakrishna ReddyBScBEd schoolteacher At: 17, Sep 2012 4:50:17 PM IST
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