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100% pure herbal soapnut pet shampoo
Posted By: ASHA SHINDE at: 13, Jul 2013 5:33:03 PM IST
Seraphic pure natural
Herbal Soapnut Pet shampoo with eucalyptus oil essential oil

Pure natural traditional soapnut herbal pet shampoo without any kind of parabins , chemicals, artificial colours , dyes or animal products.
A 100% natural herbal pet shampoo and 100% eco friendly product.
Specifications: -
Ingredients: -Blend of 100% pure natural soapnuts paste (ritha) , neem leaves ,acorus calamus roots, pongamia glabra leaves - 89.8%, , coco glucoside - 9.0%, , 100% pure Indian essential oil called eucalyptus oil- .3% , and sodium benzonate - .9%.
Foaming type: -High foaming.
Form: -In shampoo form.
Colour: -dark deep red chocolate brown colour
Shelf life: -In normal room temperature 18 months from the date of packing. Always store it in an air tight container away from moisture when not in use. Do not use wet spoons or wet hands.
This is highly eco friendly and user friendly and 100% safe economic, effective product.
Uses: -Used exclusively for pet wash as high foaming deep cleaning natural traditional washing shampoo.

Directions for Use:

Wet the pet with water and freely apply shampoo, lathering completely, include legs and paws. Massage shampoo around head and neck, carefully avoiding your pet''s ears and eyes. Deep cleaning, deodorizing and conditioning are best when the lather is worked down to the skin and left on for 2 minutes. Rinse well with warm/cool water and towel dry. Can be repeated as often as necessary.
Very ideal natural shampoo for all kinds of pets like dogs, cats, horses , pigs etc. Soapnut paste with combination of neem leaves, pongamia leaves , acorus calamus roots is an age old remedy to discourage the occurrence of parasites, such as nits , lice , flea in the pets. Leaves your pet with a shiny, glossy coat and a very pleasant scent.

Note:- It causes irritation if it gets into the eyes . There is no need of getting panic you just wash your pets eyes with plain water and the irritation will gradually fade out without hurting the eyes.. This is 100% eco friendly and 100% safe pet product.
Always Shake well upside down before use.
Available in 200gms flip top pp bottles
Net vol:-200gms
MRP: Rs.500/-(inclusive of taxes and free shipping within India)
18 months from the date of packing
Manufacturer :
Seraphic Indian Herbal Products,
Farm house, Perecherla,
Guntur-522005 , A.P.
Customer care: 9347891015

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