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గాళ్ ఫ్రెండ్
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Rajeswari Garu... Prathi American inthey abbailu ammailu ilaney oontaru anukovatam porapathu.. ilanti idea lu janala nethina rudhakandi... entha mandhi adapillalni puritloney champesthunnam ?? road meedha evvadaina chachipothey mankendhuku ani evllipothunnam... oodayam leechina daggara noonchi.. na desam goppa na smsjruthi goppa ani anukovatam kaadhu... can you prove that by implementing it ?? America lo vaadi ammai naachaka pothey happy ga evvari darina vallu velli potharu.. kani.. preminchaleedhu ani.. ammailani champese Monhar lu entha mandhi india lo....

Posted by: Mr. Sambi Kolagotla At: 1, Aug 2009 0:19:42 AM IST
hello every one loves their own country and their customs. we have no right to show finger on their lifestyle and culture. they never invited us to come to us. here in India so many acid invades, killing ladies for dowry so many thing are happening. all these are good?so many love stories, so many dirty things also are happeing what will you say on these things? every coin coin has two sides

Posted by: Mrs. Malliswari yellambhotla At: 25, Jul 2009 1:07:05 PM IST
please try to find some good in everything. if you think all america is wrong go back to India. I am not saying India is bad. India is good and America is good. just different. dont' you think people cheat or have girl friends in India. or guys cheat girls in the name of love???

Posted by: Miss kalsu sun At: 24, Jul 2009 5:23:48 AM IST
chala bagundandi....mee kathalo aardhratha kanipistunnadi...

Posted by: Mr. Ananda Sesha Mohan Sarma Nagalingam At: 21, Jul 2009 2:45:58 PM IST
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