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yes,, i am u r article is nice,,, send more articles to me my id ;

Posted by: Mr. murthy krishna At: 26, May 2007 6:57:34 PM IST
This article did not state correct facts. Petrol pirce in Pakistan is Rs 52.61 and diesel is Rs 34.59. I doubt the authenticity of this article. This could just be spam or wrath of a fired employee from an oil company.

Posted by: Mr. Raama Maruri At: 22, Dec 2006 1:29:27 AM IST
I do agree with murali that makes sense to me.

Posted by: Mr. rahul rahul At: 24, Oct 2006 7:35:15 AM IST
Understand the reality! Check the global oil prices. Oil prices have gone up globally. If Government is not to increase the prices, it should absorb the increased price by itself. This in other way impacts you, as government’s spending would increase. I am not sure about the prices in other Asian countries (Pak etc), but if they are not increasing the prices, I am sure that their economies would go down....not withstanding the absorbed price difference. We are living in a market driven economy. Already Oil companies are in huge losses. They are keeping themselves up (and their profits up) by accepting govt bonds (that mature years later). In my opinion Government should gradually get rid of the subsidy on the oil products, and also decrease the import duties on it. And being a responsible citizen, pay for what you are using. Do not expect free money in the form of subsidy.

Posted by: Mr. Murali Thoota At: 1, Aug 2006 11:49:21 PM IST
This the best place for this article .Good job Kalps.Inspiring too

Posted by: Mr. Nikhil Sai At: 29, May 2006 10:02:55 AM IST
copy paste article, already chain mails lo vasthunaai........;)

Posted by: chakri At: 26, May 2006 12:34:08 PM IST
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