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aravayyELLa bhArataM
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Sixty years is a long time. Many countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China advanced in much less time. India blindly followed the Socialist economic system and suffocated the market driven economy. The blame goes to this faceless India's Five-year plan policy makers. Year after year, they poured the 80% of India's budget in urban areas where 20% population lived and totally neglected the rural development. These Policy makers knew that rural people can't organize and protest like the Urban people and shame to them.

Posted by: Mr. M kakulavaram At: 28, Aug 2007 2:14:06 AM IST
I had the great pleasure of participating in this historic event. Our float was by far the biggest and our groups size about 500+ people was also the largest. I want to express my heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to the organizers for putting up such a great show. Among the floats which attracted great deal of attention in New York was on the life of one of the architects of the Indian Constitution B. R. Ambedkar. for more details see Jai Bheem Dalit Tiger

Posted by: Mr. dalit tiger At: 22, Aug 2007 2:57:17 AM IST
American Telugu variki Doorapu Kondalu Nunupu ga kanipincha vachhunu. Kaani nijamemoto prajalanu adigi telusukondi. rajakeeya Nayakula Matalu upanyasamulu kaadu. Maatala lo paper meeda chaalaa abhivriddhi jarugutondi. Kaani nijaani ki 60 years lo jaragavalasina daani lo 10% matrame abhivriddhi jarigindi. Migata 90% abhivriddhi politicians properties lo vundi. Practical ga telusukona valasinadi ga doorala nunna telugu mitrulanu korutunnanu.

Posted by: Mr. Srirama Rao Ajjarapu At: 14, Aug 2007 8:48:26 PM IST
I agree with Sri Rama Rao Vennelakanti. 60 years. 60 years is very much sufficient for a country to develop itself. But Poor becoming Poor rich becoming richest. Politicians are expertised in cheating or deceiving people. Where are the long standing plans for the country and for the welfare of people. Only Politicians becoming selfish. Politics are limited to vote-bank strategy. Not for the welfare of the people. Agriculture is neglected. Now all fertile land is becoming SEZ. SEZ is for the welfare of the richer not for the common public. We have to take examples of China and Japan. How they developed themselves. Our development is only on papers and slogans. Farmers are have no alternative if they failed in their target except to commit suicide. that is India. Politics become quick-rich source and power for Politicians, goondas, smugglers and all other anti-social elements.That is the development India has got in 60 years.

Posted by: Mr. Srirama Rao Ajjarapu At: 14, Aug 2007 8:40:07 PM IST
baagaa cheppaaru! ne^nu kvaalifaiD sarjannu kaadukaani, meeku open haarTsarjari cheyyagalanu. meri emanTaaru?

Posted by: Dora Babu At: 14, Aug 2007 7:40:19 AM IST
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