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Until Wohler synthesized Urea in a testtube, people thought organic material was created by god and cannot be synthesized by humans. People thought we cannot synthesize genes. We can now synthesize genes. We can clone life. Until Newton explained the gravitation theory nobody wondered why apple is falling down from the tree not going up. People need to start thinking differently when a major invention in science has to be made. We all see the same things everyday but someone with great imaginative thinking can explain it. We cannot stop science because we cannot produce blood. In fact it may become a reality with the stem cell technology in the near future.

Posted by: Dr. Subrahmanyam Vangala At: 11, Nov 2009 10:54:26 PM IST

Posted by: Mr. Ravi Shankar kota At: 23, Aug 2008 12:46:57 PM IST
I really appreciate. This is a good try in linking up science with spiritualism and relating it to life.

Posted by: Ms. p B At: 23, Jan 2008 0:28:01 AM IST
1. Science could not stopped or discarded just because it can not produce blood. But it is able to preserve and transport blood to the required. 2. Science is not looking at the truth. Science is revealing facts. 3. Spiritualism dealing with feelings. Electric shock is a feeling. Electricity invisible. But electric shock is a fact. If the dose is above just 20 mA (milli amps one thosendth of an ampere)it can be fatal. 4. Science and spiritualism both trying to understand about the life. In the mean time don't forget and abuse other life.

Posted by: Mr. M Kumar N At: 27, Nov 2007 10:02:21 AM IST
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