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Happy Women's Day
- Ms. Vimala Ghadyaram
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In celebrating this day, I learnt that women have been given a lot of recognition in every aspect of life. A men is in women... yes, thats the strength God has given to every men and women. There is a women in every men and there is a men in every women. As far as the millenium women whom are considered to be an idol of a living entity, I must say that a character determines the strength of a modern women. Modernization... what do we mean it in this context? Is wearing a modern dress amounts to modernization? No, not at all. The inner strength is developed by inner qualities of a women. It is implanted from birth. Who seeds it? Yes, it comes from the parent. Parenting is a skill. Many western ideology have been pro feminism and yes some do not. Thus, I am going to speak about Indian women here... Indian culture is considered rich because of it's conservative but foolproof idealistic principles. Indian society is a male-dominated, male-chauvinistic society. So..instead of equality between the genders, men put women on some holy pedestal with all it's strings at the same time to keep them under control. Though indian women were and are not happy, most of them abide by the rules. Even our 2 grand epics portray women in a not-so-good manner. In short, India (men) expects its women to act like some godesses, even that godess role is to play according to it's expectations. These are hard facts. But every thing has 2 views. Though women lack or lose freedom on certain level because of this, we cant deny that it also offers security and stability. Crime against women : In old days, say a 15-20 yrs back, records say the crime rate against women were lesser than of today. Why? The shoot up of the- molestations- and- rape kind of crimes is alarming! Why? Did men turn into monsters all of a sudden? Men were saintly in old days?

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