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Annamayya Vardhanti
- Dr. anjaneyulu goli
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'Among thousands of men, only a rare one endeavours for perfection. Even among the perfect few, only one knows Me in truth.' BHAGAVADGITA Sri Tallapaka Annamachary was one such person. His life and times, teachings and compositions are becon light for our peace, prosperity and kaivalyam. The festival of Sri Annamacharya's 505th Vardhanti falls on 3rd April this year 2008. Our Telugu friends will attend wherever celebrated and know our Telugu heritage and devotional culture. Annamayya was born in the village of Tallapaka of Cuddapah district in the year 1408 and reached the lotus feet of Lord Venkateswara in 1503 on bahula dwadasi of the month phalguna in Dundubhi year. Annamayya, the famous Tallapaka poet is perhaps the most devoted acharya, who with single minded devotion composed 32000 padas exclusively on lord Srinivasa. Annamayya Jola, a lullby composed by him is very popular in our Telugu household that every mother sings this to make her child asleep. The begining of the lulluby is as follows : 'Jo Achyutananda Jo Jo Mukunda' The participation in the Annamacharyas Vardhanti is an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude to Lord Venkateswara and Annamacharya in particular, for his words of wisdom, love and grace, guiding us on the path of rectitude, peace and prosperity. A large number of the musical compositions of Tallapaka Annamacharya forms a valuble sourse for linguistic study of our Telugu language and literature of the medival times. ANNAMAYYA'S GUIDE FOR OUR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AND GOOD HUMAN RELATIONS Everything that is done with purity of mind,word and deed shall be approved by Lord and it shall be beneficial to world. A wavery mind cannot grasp the essence of education and secrets of life and living. Character is more important than caste. The qualities of the Godly caste are ---- speaking truth, following righteous path, wishing welfare of others, loving all life in any form and supporting it, and finally devotion to LORD HARI.

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