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Santa Answers Medical Terminology
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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Have you heard of Mr. Santa Singh applying to a medical school to become a doctor? Needless to say he never made it. You know why? These are the answers he wrote in his entrance exam.: 1.Antibody - against everyone 2.Artery - The study of the paintings. 3.Bacteria - back door to a cafeteria. 4.Caesarean section - a district in Rome. 5.Cardiology - advance study of poker playing. 6.Cat scan - searching for lost kitty. 7.Chronic - neck of a crow. 8.Coma - punctuation mark. 9.Cortisone - area around local court. 10.Cyst - short for sister. 11.Diagnosis - person with slanted nose. 12.Dilate - the late British Princess Diana. 13.Dislocation - in this place, 14.Duodenum - couple in blue jeans. 15.Enema - not a friend. 16.Fake labor - pretending to work. 17.Genes - blue denim. 18.Hernia - she is close by. 19.Otent - distinguished/ well known. 20.Labor pain - hurt at work. 21.Lactose - people without toes. 22.Lymph - walk unsteadily. 23.Microbes - small dressing gown. 24.Obesity - city of Obe. 25.Pacemaker - winner of Nobel peace prize. 26.Proteins - in favor of teens. 27.Pulse - grain. 28.Pus - small cat. 29.Red blood count - Dracula. 30.Secretion - hiding anything. 31.Tablet - small table. 32.Ultrasound - radical noise. 33.Urine - opposite of you're out. 34.Varicose - very close.

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