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Articles: Moral Stories
- Ms. Vimala Ghadyaram
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Hi all, I would like to share this. I found every word of Sri Ramakrishna Mission's Swami Budhananda to be highly motivating, the spirit of living with values which gives valuable survival. Character is the light which shines when the sun is down and all other lights are out. Character is that power, with which we can win victory even when losing battles. Character is the awakened divine in man before whom all heads bend, except those of insane. Character is that afflatus which shines even in poverty. Character is that impregnable foundation on which stand all indestructible institutions of life. Robbers can brek open and rob everything in the world, but not character. When we have lost everything but not character, we have not really lost anything. Everything made by man can be destroyed by man but not character. With character we can fearlessly face and conquer any kind of present - future. Without it we have neither present nor future. Education is hardly edifying without provision for character. Character transmission is the essential mission of education. Those who give their children everything in the world, but fail to give character, gave them 'stone' in place of 'bread'. One can build one's own character. One can also lose his/her character even after building it. Character needs perpetual tending, like breathing every moment, for living. No nation is stronger than it's character - base. No individual is safer than his/her character security. Characterlessness is that destitution which cannot be worsened. The common man may be seemingly exercise little influence in preventing any catastrophe overtaking the world, but if he will have tended his character and helped others to do the same, he could leave the rest having done his best. - Swami Budhananda - of Sri Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi.

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