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- Nazeer
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Some ideas for you to consider as and your family are doing mathematics at home: Let your children know that you believe they can succeed. Let them see you enjoying the activities, liking mathematics. Children tend to emulate their parents, and if a parent says 'you know, this is really interesting!' that becomes the child's. Be ready to talk with your children about mathematics and to listen to what they are saying. Even when you yourself dont know how to solve a problem, asking a child to explain the meaning of each part of the problem will probably be enough to find a strategy. Be more concerned with the processes of doing mathematics than with getting a correct answer. the answer to any particular problem has very little importance, but knowing how to find the answer is a lifetime skill. Try not to tell children how to solve the problem. Once they have been told how to do it, thinking usually stops. Better to ask them questions about the problem and help them find their own methods of working it through. Practice estimation with your children whenever possible. estimation helps the thinking about a problem that precedes the doing, and is one of the most useful and 'sense-making tools available. Provide a special place for study, allowing your child to help you gear the study environment to his or her learning style. Some kids really do work better sprawled on the floor or bed, or with a musical background. There are no hard and fast rules. Encourage group study. Open your home to informal study groups. Promote outside formal study groups related perhaps to scouts, Church or school organizations. This will be especially important as your children grow older. Expect that homework will be done. Look at the completed work regularly. But try to keep your comments positive. Don't become a drill sergeant. Praise your child for asking questions, and look for places where you can ask questions about the work; to be successful, your child will need to study thirty to sixty hours a week in college, at least an hour and a half each day in middle school, and probably twenty minutes a day in elementary grades. The experts tell us that there is a high correlation between success in mathematics and the amount of homework done.

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